Wednesday 5 October 2022, 8pm

Photo by Laila Pozzo

SUONO GRASSO #1 Spiralis Aurea (trio with Adrian Utley) + Marta Salogni / Silvia Tarozzi / Valeria Sturba (trio) + Roberto Paci Dalò / Scanner

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Two nights of experimental music from Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region

Night 2/2
- Roberto Paci Dalò + Scanner: The Maya Effect
- Marta Salogni + Silvia Tarozzi + Valeria Sturba trio
- Stefano Pilia + Alessandra Novaga + Adrian Utley: Spiralis Aurea (trio)

ATER Fondazione and Emilia Romagna Music Commission present SUONO GRASSO in collaboration with AngelicA – Festival Internazionale di Musica


Roberto Paci Dalò + Scanner: The Maya Effect

A live improvised duet that combines live electronics and bass clarinet. Restless, sensual and elegiac, the music that Paci Dalò and Scanner produce is always of the moment, captured live, so this will be a rare opportunity to hear these two long-term friends collaborate in their UK debut.


Scanner, British artist Robin Rimbaud, has been intensely active in sonic art, producing concerts, installations and recordings since the 1980s, connecting a bewilderingly diverse array of genres. His adventures are brilliantly strange – from scoring 1,000 dancers in Trafalgar Square London for the Olympics, creating permanent soundtracks in a London house, Riga Airport and a working morgue in Paris, to scoring the world’s first VR ballet with Dutch National Ballet. He doesn't drink alcohol, tea, coffee, or smoke and has kept a diary every day since he was 12 years old, never missing a daily entry.

Roberto Paci Dalò

Roberto Paci Dalò’s music combines avant-garde, electronics, early music, improvisation and traditional music(s) in an unusual way. His work has won him international admiration from, among others, John Cage, Robert Ashley, Giya Kancheli and Aleksandr Sokurov. Clarinetist, live electronics and composer wizard Roberto has performed worldwide in collaboration with such artists as Kronos Quartet, Scanner, Julia Kent, Fred Frith, Alvin Curran, Jon Rose, Terry Riley, Tom Cora, David Moss, Fennesz, Akio Suzuki, Philip Jeck, Olga Neuwirth, Stefano Scodanibbio, Tibor Szemzö, Zahra Mani, Robert Lippok, Mouse on Mars, Tenores di Bitti and Luigi Lai. Parallel to his music work, Roberto is an established theatre director and visual artist. His radio works are an international reference in radio art. He leads the group Giardini Pensili and is the recipient of the Berliner Küsterprogramm des DAAD Fellowship, the Premio Napoli 2015 and the Q21 / MQ MuseumsQuartier Wien 2017 residency. Roberto exhibited at the Biennale di Venezia 2022. He is founding director of Usmaradio – the Research Centre for Radiophonic Studies at UNIRSM (University of the Republic of San Marino).

Marta Salogni

Marta Salogni is an Italian-born, award-winning record producer, engineer and mixer working from her own Studio Zona in London. She has worked with esteemed artists such as Björk, Holly Herndon, Circuit des Yeux and Mica Levi amongst others. As well as operating behind the wide scenes of recorded music, she performs improvised and composed sets using tape machines as instruments, creating loops, feedback and echoes through the manipulation of both live and prepared sounds, using her collection of Revox, Ferrograph, Akai and Teac reels-to-reels. When collaborating with other artists, she processes their sounds live through her mazes of tape, weaving an intricate sonic tapestry, a reflection on time and memory, and a collaboration with magnetism.

Silvia Tarozzi

Silvia Tarozzi is a violinist, improviser, composer and vocalist. A graduate in violin, chamber music and early music, her personal research on sound and instrumental gesture is expressed in numerous artistic collaborations with composers of her time, including Pascale Criton, Éliane Radigue, Pauline Oliveros, Philip Corner, Cassandra Miller, Martin Arnold, Pierre-Yves Macé and others. Mi specchio e rifletto was her first record. She is the violinist of the French ensemble Dedalus and has performed as a duo with the cellist Deborah Walker for almost 20 years. Ealier this year Unseen Worlds released Canti di guerra, di lavoro e d’amore, a new album by Tarozzi and Walker, featuring personal and experimental reinterpretations of Italian folk music.

Valeria Sturba

Valeria Sturba is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer who graduated in violin and also plays theremin, keyboards and minisynth, and loves to creatively crease electronic effects, looper and assorted sound toys. Her musical horizons range from songwriting to rock and jazz, tango to free improvisation, the soundtracks of silent films to the live accompaniment of theatrical performances. She is one-half of OoopopoiooO, a surreal Dadaist duo with Vincenzo Vasi, and part of the Grande Abarasse Orchestra of John De Leo and the Assassins quartet of Francesco Cusa. She has collaborated with Tristan Honsinger, Enrico Gabrielli, Fabrizio Puglisi, Mauro Ottolini, Cristina Donà, Médéric Collignon, Stefano Benni, Hamid Drake, Lino Guanciale, Ermanno Cavazzoni, Anna Maria Hefele, Giancarlo Schiaffini and many others.

Spiralis Aurea

Stefano Pilia, Alessandra Novaga and Adrian Utley will present an adaptation for three electric guitars and electronics of Pilia's new work Spiralis Aurea, recently released on Die Schachtel. Spiralis Aurea is a work of musical architecture that intertwines sacred geometry, collective experience and elusive connections between nature and humankind. “A major new work from Italian avant-gardist Stefano Pilia, reinterpreting medieval liturgical music and 20th-century minimalism through unusual concepts and techniques. It’s a stunning piece of work that lands somewhere between Michael Nyman, Mica Levi and Arvo Pärt… Rendered with such a brilliantly unusual command of composition and space as to elevate it to a higher realm. Followers of work by anyone from Bach to Lucy Railton and Kali Malone should be equally in thrall to the magic contained within” – Boomkat

Stefano Pilia

Stefano Pilia is a guitar player and composer born in Genoa and based in Bologna. His work has become progressively concerned with researching the sculptural properties of sound as well as sound’s relationship with space, memory and the suspension of time. Pilia explores these points of focus through instrumental practice and investigations into the recording and production process. He is one of the founding members (alongside Valerio Tricoli and Claudio Rocchetti) of the seminal group 3/4HadBeenEliminated, a project that synthesises improvisational, electroacoustical and avant-rock sensibilities. He is also a member of the psychedelic quartet In Zaire, the BGP trio with David Grubbs and Andrea Belfi, and il Sogno del Marinaio alongside legendary Minutemen bassist Mike Watt. Pilia is also the lead guitarist for celebrated Malian singer Rokia Traorè and the cult Italian band Afterhours. He has collaborated with artists and musicians including Katia and Marielle Labeque, David Tibet, Zu, Oren Ambarchi, John Parish, Fire Orchestra!, Angela Bullock, Oliver Mann, Gianluigi Toccafondo, Laura Agnusdei, WuMing, Phill Niblock, Z’ev, Manuel Mota, Enrico Malatesta, David Maranha and Dean Roberts. 

Alessandra Novaga

Alessandra Novaga is a Milan-based guitarist with a classical training completed at the Musikhochschule Basel. After many years spent exclusively in the classical field, she turned to exploring and attending the territories of experimentation, composition and improvisation, thus redesigning her relationship with sound and performance. She has performed and collaborated with Loren Connors, Elliott Sharp, Nicola Ratti, Massimo Falascone, Patrizia Oliva, Paula Matthusen, Francesco Gagliardi, Sandro Mussida and Travis Just amongst others.

As a composer for the theatre, Novaga has scored and performed for the actor/directror Elena Russo Arman, Teatro dell’Elfo, the Milan-based group Phoebe Zeitgeist and Elio De Capitani. Her recent solo album, I Should Have Been a Gardener, was released this year on Die Schachtel. It is an expansive meditation on the life and work of Derek Jarman.

Adrian Utley

Adrian is most widely known for his work as a member of Portishead.

The past couple of years have found him producing Sorry for Domino and co-producing Ladan for Mute. He’s also working on a couple of solo albums.

Late summer 2022 he will be doing some live shows performing the “Arcadia” soundtrack composed with often collaborator Will Gregory in 2017 for the BFI film of the same name which was directed by Paul Wright.

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