Saturday 30 March 2024, 7.30pm

Scorpio Red presents: XEXA + Tzekin + Kelman Duran + Ans M

No Longer Available

A night of textural drifting, ambient intimacy and hybrid live sets curated by the label Scorpio Red.


XEXA is a multidisciplinary afrofuturist portuguese artist with são tomense ascendance. She currently divides her time between Lisbon and London, where she finished a degree in Music at Guildhall. Her work reflects the exploration of sounds attempting a hybrid of traditional African rhythms with synthesizers, sound design and vocals. A new aesthetic voice in new networks of affiliation, cooperation and solidarity, her gorgeous debut album 'Vibrações de Prata' was published by Príncipe on October 27th.


Tzekin is a producer and saxophonist. He uses processed instruments to create chords and long loops that replay memories of trance, ambient and improv music, favouring texture over technique. As a producer, he wrote the album Skyline Death, an exploration of club music, R&B and rap featuring 12 vocalists/co-writers across Asia, and ballroom tracks featuring vocalist/producer Divoli S’vere on Gold Chainz and Kiko Kicks. He is an early member of EDZ (Eternal Dragonz).

Photo by Lydia Wilks

Kelman Duran

Kelman Duran is a Dominican producer, composer and visual artist known for his  expansive soundscapes and dembow and reggaeton infusions. Emerging as fixture of LA's underground RAIL UP crew, he has since released through HUNDEBISS Records in Milan, and Riobamba’s Apocalipsis label. He co-runs both Scorpio Red and an LA based ambient, experimental and avant-garde series focused on BIPOC artists called Deluge. While he sees his music as a purely emotional counterpart to his visual arts and film work, his artistic and scholarly interests focus on issues of racism, police brutality, and the interplay between disenfranchised groups and civil architecture.

Ans M

Ans M is an artist and DJ whose work weaves between organic ambient soundscapes and distorted club mutations. She co-runs Scorpio Red alongside Kelman Duran.