Tuesday 22 November 2022, 8pm

Laila Sakini + Dennis Tyfus + Dies Lexic (Inês Tartaruga Água e Xavier Paes) + Zara Joan Miller

No Longer Available

Laila Sakini
Dennis Tyfus
Dies Lexic (Inês Tartaruga Água e Xavier Paes)
Zara Joan Miller

Laila Sakini

Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer and performer Laila Sakini is London based, Melbourne born.

Her major works include Like A Gun (EP), Vivienne (LP), Strada (EP), Into The Traffic, Under The Moonlight (LP), Princess Diana of Wales (LP), Cupo (LP w/ Valentina Magalett) and Figures (LP w/ Dr Lucy Van) among several single, EPs and her tape series Mystery Messages.

Working with piano, voice, guitar and silence Laila creates dynamic and textured environments that provide the listener with space to develop their own meanings and responses.
Laila has performed at: Cafe Oto, Galeria Zé dos Bois, Berlin Atonal, De Nor, Listen! festival, Gaudeamus Festival, Meakusma x Arkaoda, The London Handel Festival, Wunkderkammer Festival, Ponto d’Orvalho, Intonal Festival and among others.

She has been featured several times in The Wire Magazine, graced the cover of Switzerland’s cult Zweikommasiben music magazine, been featured on BBC1, in Frances’ Les Inrockuptibles, LA’s AQNB, Belgium’s Gonzo magazine, Italy’s Blow Up and in several specials on NTS Radio, LYL, Dublab, Red Light.

“It’s like a dream where everything’s bright and gilded and beautiful but you keep remembering something is very, very wrong” - Low Company, 2020

"Laila Sakini is producing some of the most vital and brittle music of our time.” – Boomkat, 2020

“An enigma with a purpose” – The Wire Magazine, 2021

“With each listen, there's another line, another noise, that jumps out from Sakini's sonic coral reef, a reef that feels simultaneously uplifting and deeply distressing.“ - Resident Advisor, 2022.


Photo by Rebecca Salvadori

Dennis Tyfus

Dennis Tyfus (1979) is a Belgian piano virtuoso and visual artist.

His work is based on an unbridled drawing practice and a preference for language and words, but the way it appears is always different. The work is constantly moving. The sculptural aspect of Tyfus’s work is the way in which he carefully and consciously deals with the space it occupies. There are flyers and posters, drawings, paintings and performances, as well as installations, sculptures, videos, vinyl records, concerts, t-shirts, magazines, books and tattoos. Tyfus uses his label Ultra Eczema, which by now consists of about 250 releases, in order to integrate influences and interests and to keep count of his tangled artistic practice.

Dennis Tyfus has collaborated with many artists and musicians such as Mette Rasmussen, Chris Corsano, Cameron Jamie, Albert Mayr, Thurston Moore, Joe Mcphee etc

Dies Lexic

Dies Lexic is a duo by Inês Tartaruga Água and Xavier Paes. Part of Favela Discos collective, they explore the channeling potentialities of sound, wandering between spectrums, ethereal soundscapes and zones of sonic subduction through means of DIY electro-acoustic instruments, amplified objects, electronics and composition processes based on repetition, language, chaosmosis and error.

Xavier Paes is a transdisciplinary artist based in Porto. He divides his practice between visual arts, sound, performance, gleaning improvisation and multi-instrumentalism, focusing on ideas such as acoustic phenomena, repetition, resonant and sympathetic bodies, echo and ecology. He has presented his work at institutions, galleries, festivals, kiosks, raves and after-parties, highlighting places such as Serralves Museum, Oliva Arts Center, Porto Municipal Gallery, Stichting Centrum (The Hague), OCCII and Vondelbunker (Amsterdam), La Pointe Lafayette and L'international (Paris), STUK (Louven), Overtoon (Brussels) and Villa Arson (Nice).

Inês Tartaruga Água is a multidisciplinary artist, focused on the issues of deep ecology and radical regeneration, sound explorer and practitioner of DIY philosophy as well as collaborative and participatory practices in public space. Participates in collective exhibitions since 2013, highlighting the “XIII International Biennial of Artistic Ceramics” (Aveiro, 2017), “Убежище / Suoja / Shelter Festival - Laboratory” (Helsinki, 2019), «48 часов Новосибирск» (Siberia, 2019) , or “Soundscapes” (Bahrain, 2019), and has her first individual artistic residency “Méhtēr: Matter, Form and Transformation” at Júlio Dinis Museum in Ovar (2018). Recently, Água has debuted sound pieces in Casa de Serralves (Porto, 2021) and in Casa das Conchas (Spain, 2021).

Zara Joan Miller

Zara Joan Miller is a British/Iranian artist and author of poetry collection BLUE MONDAY (JOAN Publishing, 2022). She works across film, performance and print – often playing with movement and sound as a way of reimagining a body’s rhythm. Her work has recently been presented at the Barbican Centre, Horse Hospital, No.9 Cork St., Ann Arbor Film Festival, Lausanne Underground Film Festival and has appeared in Fieldnotes journal, Hotel, MAP, Another Gaze and Worms Magazine. Zara has a record with Ute Kanngießer forthcoming on Reading Group.


Zara Joan Miller