Wednesday 15 May 2024, 7.30pm

Jean-Luc Guionnet (solo) + Nicolás Carrasco (solo) + Fritz Welch (solo)

No Longer Available

Wednesday 15 May
- Jean-Luc Guionnet (alto sax) - solo
- 'Table De Poussières' – composition for guitar for Cristian Alvéar / by Jean-Luc Guionnet
- Fritz Welch (percussion & performance) - solo

Three-Day residency with the great Parisian artist, Jean-Luc Guionnet, whose practice encompasses composition, improvisation, filmmaking, and philosophy. Approaching his instruments as imperfect vehicles of artificial intelligence, his attentive engagement applies speculative pressure to the expressive limits of their material properties. In his hands, design flaws and repressed qualities transform into catalysts for novel sonic emanations, and the simplest of processes are mobilized to extract infinitesimal acoustic detail. Although a formidable solo performer, Guionnet is no stranger to collaboration, something which the range of artists involved across these three days testifies to.

"I want these three days to be something like an knotwork or an interlace — but I like the knot ! — of times, practices, and friendships. I also wanted to invit artists who rarely or never played in Oto.

So, a knotwork of différent stories : from Stevie I first saw with Machine for Making Sense in the 90's to to Lucien with who I worked on the composition Plafond de Verre with the Lunar Error Ensemble in 2018. From the wordy performance of Andrew to the full of sense and non-sense abstraction in the composition we worked on, with Cristian on the acoustic guitar : Table de Poussières (Table for Dust). From the all life long, 1986…, friendship, artistic exchanges and collaborations with Christophe to the crossing roams with Fritz. The everyday collaboration with Lotus. The rare but back in the days music we do together with Jean-Philippe : Angle 4. And then, the endless spiral of the duet with Seijiro… which will be the first concert of all.

There will probably happen dancing on the spot, instrumental performance, up to down duets, rage together with the machine, speculative gesture, up side down old settings in solos… but many other things, that's for sure." – Jean-Luc Guionnet

Jean-Luc Guionnet

"My musical work subdivides itself into as many ways as occasions arise for me to think and act with sound and forms. Those occasions have always to do with a strong meeting with an outside element : an instrument (saxophone/organ), a theoretical idea (what is "rumour"?), and mainly a collaborating friend (Lotus Edde Khouri, Éric La Casa, Thomas Bonvalet, Seijiro Murayama) ... or the long term adventure of a team (Hubbub, Ames Room, Jupiter Terminus ...). There then follows a collection of themes which, in turn, influence the evolution of the musical work and define the direction of meetings to come: the thickness of the air, the pidgin, the musical instrument considered as affective automaton, sound as a signature of space, signature of objects, signature of what it is not... The coming emotion is made out of all these strata and the sliding of one over the other during the act of listening. When music is giving time."

Fritz Welch

Fritz Welch is percussionist & vocalist determined to stretch the escalator of possibilities into the  bloodshot eye of results. He has most recently played with Re-Ghoster Extended (quintet with  Nicolas Field, Thomas Florin, Jérôme Noetinger & Nate Wooley), Hexakaidecagon (with David  Moré), Dome Riders (quartet with Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh, Mike Parr-Burman & Armin Sturm)  and in duo formation with Olivier DiPlacido. Welch and David Moré co-organize the monthly  music/sound/performance series Baked Beans On The Doorstep at The Old Hairdresser’s…. A  longtime Brooklynite of Texas origins, he is now based in Glasgow.

Nicolás Carrasco

Nicolás Carrasco. 1980. Musician, lives in Santiago de Chile. Works as teacher, translator, composer and performer. His scores have been played in México, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Switzerland. Since 2019, he conducts sin aspavientos, an experimental music scores dedicated ensemble.