Friday 17 June 2022, 8pm


No Longer Available

For the fourth iteration of IN HOUSE, this group show will explore OTO's infrastructure – pillars, floor, phones, windows, livestream - creating a live collage through sound, movement, voice, radio, camera, paint, projection and dance.

Hannah Baum, Regan Bowering, Conal Blake, Ju Canon, Amy Dickson, Michaela Gerussi, Halldora Osk Eiriksdottir, Action Pyramid, Chris Killick, Zara Joan Miller, and Rory Salter.

IN HOUSE is a series for collecting and sharing the voices, talent and camaraderie that exist in-house at Cafe OTO.

Conal Blake

Conal Blake is a musician from Glasgow. He currently plays solo and improvises with Li Song and Regan Bowering, using electronics and percussion. He also runs the Feedback Moves label.

Amy Dickson

"My practice unites film, video and performance with a background in textiles. Part of my practice involves creating platforms for film, video and live performance through collaboration, most significantly as co-founder of collective-iz & xviix. Publications include: Senses of Cinema, Millennium Film Journal, and Sequence Magazine. Recent screenings and exhibitions include: (2021), (2020), In House, Café OTO, London (2020); Work Programme, LUX, London, UK, (2019); Light & Dark (Park), LUX, London, UK (2018); Extending the Frame, Whitstable Biennale, Kent, UK (2018)."

Zara Joan Miller

Zara Joan Miller is a British/Iranian artist and author of poetry collection BLUE MONDAY (JOAN Publishing, 2022). She works across film, performance and print – often playing with movement and sound as a way of reimagining a body’s rhythm. Her work has recently been presented at the Barbican Centre, Horse Hospital, No.9 Cork St., Ann Arbor Film Festival, Lausanne Underground Film Festival and has appeared in Fieldnotes journal, Hotel, MAP, Another Gaze and Worms Magazine. Zara has a record with Ute Kanngießer forthcoming on Reading Group.

Zara Joan Miller

Hannah Baum

Hannah Baum is a photographer, painter, founder and curator of Stray Dog zine. Self-taught, all works mainly explore the love of dark things and fantasies and the cross between the digital and analog world. All with influences from fashion, music and history which she has a background in.

Halldora Osk Eiriksdottir

Halldóra Eiríksdóttir does spoken words and Roobén Galbraith-Goode does music production. They are both finishing their degree this year in European Theatre Arts (Training the contemporary performer) at Rose Bruford College.

Action Pyramid

Working under the name Action Pyramid, Tom Fisher's projects vary from site-specific sound installation and headphone based works for galleries and museums, to experimental sound works, radio and music. Utilising a multitude of recording techniques, often aimed at exploring and re-interpreting the seemingly unnoticed and unheard elements of our surroundings, he looks to present compositional and spatial expressions of these phenomena in a way that attempts to offer up alternative perspectives regarding perceptions of scale, hierarchical bias and the interconnectedness of living things. He has performed and exhibited his work internationally and attended residencies in Iceland and the Finish arctic.

Photo by Jon Rulton

Ju Canon

Ju Canon is a painter. They love skip trucks. 

Michaela Gerussi

Michaela Gerussi is a Canadian dance artist working in live performance, video, and interdisciplinary contexts. Her interests lie primarily in improvisation, the nervous system and attentional practices with the body.

Michaela's choreographic work considers shifting relationships between people, places and materials, layering subtle perceptual detail with a functional, dynamic approach to movement.

Her solo and collaborative works have been presented in Montreal (CA), Toronto (CA), Buffalo (USA), Berlin (DE) and London (UK). In 2021 she completed an MFA in Creative Practice at Trinity Laban/Independent dance.

Chris Killick

"I would like to bring a new feature to your listening experience, and the concept of a “pop concert”. Electric wheelchairs, can have their own sound producing tools such as buzzers. Bubble wrap is used for wrapping delicate objects to send abroad. However, what happens when you tape this bubble wrap to the floor, you can create your own “pop-concert”. I will be experimenting with different sizes of bubbles. In addition to this “pop concert”, I will have a sound track of field-recordings. A photographer likes to seek for images, but I like to bend and record my own unique sounds which London has to offer. I take delight in arranging these sounds into compositions, and using computer generated sounds."