Friday 2 August 2019, 7.30pm

POLYPHONIC ASSEMBLAGE presents: HYPERSTITION DUO EP LAUNCH + Iceboy Violet + Hard on Yarn Sourdonk Communion + Ans M

No Longer Available

Summoning egregors of the Anthropocene, HYPERSTITION DUO plunge deep to deliver a maximalist collective immersion into their own lysergic phonosphere. Lurching, polyrhythmic pathways crumble and re-assemble; elastic dynamics snap; propulsion sparks from the nerve-centre of machine and corporeal entanglement. Featuring ex-members of Blood Sport, templexing, möbius loops and cybernetic subjectivities abound in an attempt to conjure escape vectors in a world of ubiquitous sound.

Now channelling their expansive, futurological energy through mesmeric, maximalist polyphony, this event will celebrate HYPERSTITION DUO deploying the full weight of their shimmering assemblage for the first time on a recorded release - VIROTECHNICS.

As members of Blood Sport, Alex Keegan (guitar, octatrack) and Sam Parkin (drums) accelerated through a background playing squats, raves, art happenings and clubs, to releasing EPs with Sheffield’s underground ecosystem of DIY labels, before structurally shifting gear in their sonic practice. Foregrounding dance music influences with the integration of drum machines in their sound, alongside a ferociously intense new live show, releases with Paul Smith’s Blast First Petite and Helena Hauff’s Return To Disorder landed either side of a recording residency on the Moog Sound Lab - material from which was performed at Moog Sound Lab parties alongside Hieroglyphic Being and Tony Allen & Jimi Tenor.

In parallel, they co-ran a Sheffield-based label and night called Hybrid Vigour, known for programming frenzied, mercurial music events around the country. Colliding DJs, bands, live coders and electronic artists in continuous spectrums of sound that featured Mica Levi, Nisennenmondai, Inga Copeland and Nkisi, Hybrid Vigour undertook a final transformation in 2017 as Hybrid Vigour Fam, an enveloping amalgam of DJs and abrasives that intensified the concept to an extreme,blurring the line between live performance and DJing, 'live music' and clubs. 

Alex and Sam have collaborated extensively through and outside of Blood Sport. They have recorded and performed with Boredoms, Giant Swan, King Ayisoba, and Algoravers Heavy Lifting, Yaxu and Hellocatfood, as well as DJing and programming in ways that have always sought to recombobulate the environments in which they’ve conspired to create.

Iceboy Violet

Iceboy Violet is a producer//vocalist re-appropriating the energy, emotionality and resistance of Grime music to challenge heteronormativity and toxic masculinity. Giving voice to anger, anxieties and defiance as personal and collective catharsis.

Hard on Yarn Sourdonk Communion

Hard on Yarn Sourdonk Communion recall the hereditary instinct that when an act is performed, it must be performed with a donk on. They harken back to the oldest days of the donk, a secret society whose shrouded practises reverberate worldwide on the off-beat. We ask you to join them, with communion bucky in hand. Lest the world forget, the Sourdonk will remember. Put a donk on it.

Ans M

Ans M is an artist and DJ whose work weaves between organic ambient soundscapes and distorted club mutations. She co-runs Scorpio Red alongside Kelman Duran.