Monday 15 August 2022, 8pm

Delphine Dora w/ Valentina Magaletti, Sylvia Hallett & Aby Vulliamy

No Longer Available

Delphine Dora is a musician, composer and improviser from France. Self-taught pianist and vocalist, her semi-spontaneous music has been enriched with new sounds over the years, including an interest in pipe church organ work, modular synthesizer and field recordings. The voice is also one of his privileged instruments: setting in voice and music of texts and poetry (Walt Whitman, Sylvia Plath, Kathleen Raine, Ingeborg Bachmann, Baudelaire, etc. ), ancestral sketches sung in an imaginary and abstract language, vocal work in relation to space… Her iconoclastic and ever-changing music can be read as a personal cartography, based on an intuitive approach to composition and nourished by many approaches: avant-folk, songwriting, free improvisation, sound collage, electro-acoustic composition, field recordings, ambient.

In 2020, she released L’inattingible, her most ambitious record to date, composed entirely in French with 14 musicians from around the world and some 30 instruments: Adam Cadell (violin), Laura Naukkarinen (voice), Aby Vulliamy (viola, recorder…), Tom James Scott (piano), Sylvia Hallett (bicycle wheel, hurdy-gurdy..), Jackie McDowell (voice), Paulo Chagas (clarinet, flute), Taralie Peterson (saxophone, cello…), Gayle Brogan (violin, guitar, various objects…), le fruit vert (analog synthesizer…), etc.

In addition to her solo work, she has worked and collaborated on recordings and/or concerts with many french musicians : with Mocke, Eloïse Decazes, Bruno Duplant, Gilles Deles (in the duo Conatus), Mathias Dufil & Cathy Heyden (in the trio Simone Poussière), Claire Serres (in the duo Anima / Animus), and also international musicians of the experimental / alternative scene: Sophie Cooper, Susanna Wallumrod, Andrew Chalk, Raymond Dijkstra, Wolf Eyes, le fruit vert, Alessandro Bosetti, etc. She has also participated in musical readings, performance projects and film music.

Sylvia Hallett

Sylvia Hallett is a composer and improviser, working with instruments (violin, hurdy-gurdy, saw,) and objects (bowed bicycle wheel, bowed branches etc) alongside simple live sound processing. She has worked extensively with dancers and in theatre, most recently with choreographer Miranda Tufnell on a tour of outdoor site specific venues in Northumberland. Recent albums: Tree Time and Bolt and Latch.

Valentina Magaletti

Valentina Magaletti is an Italian-born, UK-based drummer, percussionist and composer whose explorative blend of ritualistic and electronic motifs have earned her recognition in the contemporary musical landscape.

Gaining prominence as part of acclaimed avant-pop group Vanishing Twin and improvisational duo Tomaga in the 2010s, Magaletti’s collaborative instinct and multi-instrumental skill have seen her record and perform with Jandek, Helm, Raime, Nicolas Jaar, Malcom Catto, Charles Hayward, Graham Lewis, Thighpaulsandra, Thurston Moore, Bat for Lashes, Gruff Rhys and many more.

Her current projects include CZN, Moin and Holy Tongue, where free jazz, drone and percussive elements meet sound system frequencies to devastating effect.


Aby is a musician and composer, performing and recording frequently as a violist, pianist and vocalist in a range of ensembles and collaborations.
Aby has shared the stage and/or studio with a brilliant array of musicians, including jazz/improv legends such as John Tchicai, Evan Parker, Maggie Nichols, Matt Bourne, Annie Whitehead, Karen Mantler, Krautrocker Hans Joachim Irmler of Faust and indie-rockers Yo La Tengo, with respected folk musicians such as Bridget St John, Mary Hampton, Ali Roberts, Lucy Farrell, The Trembling Bells and Mike Heron (The Incredible String Band), with popstars such as Isobel Campbell, Stevie Jackson (Belle and Sebastian), Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Aidan Moffat (Arab Strap), and with national ensembles including The Scottish Chamber Orchestra and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

Aby’s ongoing collaborations include with Stevie Jones (Sound of Yell, since 2012), with Bill Wells (The National Jazz Trio of Scotland, since 2007 with releases on Karaoke Kalk since 2012), with the 14-piece Swiss band Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp (since 2016) with Seth Bennett (En Bas, since 2014) with Matt Bourne (Isotach, since 2017) with James Mainwaring (since 2019), and with Keeley Forsyth (since 2020).

Aby features on over 40 albums recorded over the last 16 years. In October 2018 Aby released her first solo album, Spin Cycle, a collection of piano-based songs reflecting on her experience of motherhood.

Photo by Edward Arthur Fox