Wednesday 27 April 2016, 8pm

Photo by Bryan Spencer

Andrew Tuttle + Chris Rainier + Lisa Busby

No Longer Available

“In this synchronized swim between electronic and acoustic instrumentation, Andrew Tuttle is able to coax out the most sonorous elements of both – riding that golden mean where the two become indistinguishable.” – Tome To The Weather Machine

Andrew Tuttle

Andrew Tuttle, based in Brisbane, Australia; creates an instrumental sonic convergence of improvisation and composition; and electronic and acoustic tones. Performed on instrumentation including computer, banjo, synthesiser and acoustic guitar; Tuttle’s recordings and performances encompass elements of abstract folk, experimentalism, soli (sic) guitar, kosmiche and minimalism.

As Andrew Tuttle and previously under the moniker Anonymeye, Tuttle has released recordings on labels including Room40’s A Guide To Saints and Someone Good imprints, Heligator, Bedroom Suck, Feral Media, hellosQuare and Twice Removed and Flaming Pines.

Fantasy League, Tuttle’s second full-length ‘solo’ album, will be released in the first quarter of 2016 on A Guide To Saints, the tape imprint of Lawrence English’s Room40 label.

Chris Rainier

CHRIS RAINIER is a South-African born performer, improviser and composer from Melbourne, now based in London. Alongside Dutch ensemble Scordatura – led by violist Elisabeth Smalt – he has performed the music of various composers whose practices explore tuning systems outside of Equal Temperament. He has also collaborated with various craftspeople in the UK, Europe and Australia to create replicas of some of Harry Partch’s unique musical instruments, with a particular focus on the composer’s various microtonally adapted guitars. He has performed solo and in collaboration with other performers in a diverse range of concert venues, including the Slade School of Fine Art, the Orpheus Institute [Ghent], the Kunitachi College Of Music [Tokyo], the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the Harry Partch Archives [University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign].

Rainier's most recent release is “Sorrowful Songs of the Silverswords [2023], a collection of pieces that forge intersections between compositional frameworks and improvisation on his replica of Partch's first Adapted Guitar 1. This year will also see the vinyl release of his interpretations of some of Partch's earliest compositions for voice, Adapted Guitar 1 and Adapted Viola on the Belgian label bwaa.

Lisa Busby

Lisa Busby is a London-based composer, vocalist, and bricoleur. She performs and composes with bands The Nomadic Female DJ Troupe, Rutger Hauser and Sleeps in Oysters, as well as working independently as a solo artist. She is particularly interested in using domestic or outdated playback media as instruments, but also works in text based score, installation and site specific performance. Throughout her work she explores the fringes of song, and how popular forms can be set in new and unusual contexts. Lisa is also Lecturer in Music at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she has designed and led courses in sampling, songwriting, music production, DIY music, and creative research. She also leads the research project Editions of You, celebrating self-releasing musicians and handmade editions.