Saturday 23 November 2019, 7.30pm

Áine O'Dwyer – ‘Tracker Action Mimes’ + Viridian Ensemble

No Longer Available

Áine O'Dwyer presents Tracker Action Mimes - a new group of choral works written for the Cafe OTO choir - with support from Viridian Ensemble.

"Since September I have been developing a series of choral works entitled Tracker Action Mimes for the Cafe OTO choir. The work is informed by my knowledge of the numerous tracker action pipe organs on which I have performed in the past. These pipe organs are sensitive to touch and so the pieces are related to spatial intimacy and sensorial perception of both the audience and choral members." – Áine O'Dwyer

Áine O'Dwyer

Áine O'Dwyer, (b. Co.Limerick, Ireland) who lives and works between Ireland and the UK. She graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 2006 and the Slade School of Art in 2011. She creates live and recorded events which embrace the broader aesthetics of sound and its relationship to environment, time, audience and structure. The notion of a holding space as-extension-of-instrument is a cornerstone of her artistic investigation and the crux of her live performances.

Viridian Ensemble

Viridian Ensemble are an ethereal blend of image and noise, which re-imagines folkloric forms and tropes of femininity. Improvisation of both sound and image (digital & analogue) produce a dialogic blend of textural depths. Dissociative states, keening, and the supernatural inspirit the ensemble. Each performance evokes utterances, nonsensical languages, and trans-species forms of communication through collective rhythm, tone, and resonance. Inspired by the vanguards of feminist free improvisation such as Les Diaboliques & Feminist Improv Group, as well as 16mm expanded film, Viridian Ensemble is open to differing and divergent levels of musicianship, including those who have not improvised before. A mix of differing abilities and visual media gives rise to a polyphonic performance of serendipitous enchantments.

Photo by Dom Moore

The Cafe OTO Choir

The Cafe OTO choir is an informal group of voices who meet at Cafe OTO's project space. The Choir is open to all and non notated. Newcomers are welcome every session - singers and non singers. We have previously worked on pieces by Aine O Dwyer, Sarah Davachi and Annea Lockwood and with Imogen Palmer on Ukranian, Macedonian and Bulgarian folk songs.