Zongamin – Street Surgery 4

Zongamin takes a snapshot of lock-down, like a faded picture of a day at the fun-fair, scrunched-up and torn-up at the edges. Exotica, disco, dub and kosmiche stylings are doused in bleach and tumble in a bath of mud and frothing sea water. Tape loops circle around, conjuring dusty clouds and moments for reflection on times passed. Like the work of General Strike and Hype Williams, Zongamin molds his explorations in multi-genre goo, but bypasses obvious pastiche, instead unearthing a form of latent, submerged funk.

Download includes original artwork by Susumu Mukai

All tracks by Susumu Mukai (Zongamin)


Recorded on 4,5,6 June 2020.
Mixed and mastered by Susumu Mukai and Drew Brown.

Artwork by Susumu Mukai / layout by Oliver Barrett

1. Left Step (3:04)

2. Temple 2 (2:30)

3. Dream Pool (3:12)

4. Slipping Point (3:16)

5. Two Brained (1:53)

6. Brain Weather (3:45)

7. Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (4:19)

Susumu Mukai

Susumu Mukai is a London based musician and artist. He has been releasing records as Zongamin since 2000 on labels such as Midnight Mike’s Flesh Records, XL Recordings, Ed Banger Records and Multi Culti. He is also a member of the band, Vanishing Twin, and has played for artists including Floating Points, Alexis Taylor and Fimber Bravo.