Xenia Pestova Bennett – Atonal Electronic Chamber Music For Cats

Deluxe version of the album now available to pre-order including bonus tracks and remixes from:  https://pomeraniansnout.bandcamp.com 

“Nostalgia (from nostos – return home, and algia – longing) is a longing for a home that no longer exists or has never existed. Nostalgia is a sentiment of loss and displacement, but it is also a romance with one’s own fantasy. Nostalgic love can only survive in a long-distance relationship. A cinematic image of nostalgia is a double exposure, or a superimposition of two images – of home and abroad, past and present, dream and everyday life. The moment we try to force it into a single image, it breaks the frame or burns the surface.”

- Svetlana Boym, “The Future of Nostalgia”

“I’m not deliberately out to antagonise an audience or spite them or anything like that, but if they adopt the attitude of ‘This isn’t what we expected’, then yippee, I’m gonna wallow in that, because you shouldn’t sit back and expect anything at all.”

- John Lydon, “Anger is an Energy”

Spring time. Three period instruments from the turn of the century: Yamaha CS1X, Korg MonoSynth 2000, MicroKorg Synth Vocoder. Fingers fumble, sounds happen - obnoxious, unapologetic, fragile like a wobbly cassette that you’ve listened to a million times on the Walkman you dropped before you could afford a Discman. I’m not playing the instruments, they are playing themselves, they are playing me and there is no forcing or fighting them. Faded-photograph sunshine sounds of ’90s electronica, caramelised sweetened condensed milk, the beach, rage, DIY chamber music for cats. Then, it stops: the end of nostalgia and the end of the world as you know it. We are getting old and the sounds have lost their innocence.

Thank you to Ed (Teddy) Bennett, Michael Keeney and Hannah Peel for the synth love. 


Xenia Pestova Bennett - composition / performance / recording / mixing


Ed Bennett, production / creative & artistic concept

Antony Ryan (RedRedPaw), mastering

Oliver Barrett, cover design from a photo by Xenia Pestova Bennett



1. Of Nostalgia [05:37]

2. Duetto [03:07]

3. The Future [05:00]

4. Quartetto [01:31]

5. Musiques de Chambre [02:49]

6. Het Varken [04:35]


Xenia Pestova Bennett

Described as “a powerhouse of contemporary keyboard repertoire” (Tempo), pianist and composer Xenia Pestova Bennett has earned an international reputation as a leading proponent of uncompromising music. Her work spans a wide range of sound worlds, styles and genres from classical to contemporary art music, free improvisation, experimental electronica and avant-pop.

Xenia has performed at large festivals, for live broadcast, in major concert halls, and countless weird and wonderful venues and spaces. She has commissioned and recorded dozens of new works, collaborating with major innovators in contemporary music and exploring classical music boundaries with electronics, toy pianos, synthesizers and the Magnetic Resonator Piano.