A Queer Anthology of Drums – Valentina Magaletti

Switch that light off.
Switch that light off.
Still the night appears in her relentless bright stupor.

A collection of unsung sleepless nights. A percussive collage of low-fi frequencies documenting a journey that never took place.

Il silenzio non arriva
Il conto è salato
Il sole riscalda i fallimenti
Niente ma tutto è cambiato


Valentina Magaletti played and assembled percussion, drums, field recordings, vibraphone, toys, and oscillators.


Produced and edited by Leon Marks. Special thanks to: Tom Relleen, Marta Salogni, Evelena Ruether, and João Pais Felipe for the love and support. Cover design by Oliver Barrett.

1 - The Unity of the Mind (03:08)
2 - A Queer Anthology of the Drums (03:18)
3 - Words i First Saw (02:50)
4 - Rumours of Bread (01:19)
5 - Body in a Room (05:15)
6 - Per Strada (02:10)
7 - The Other Side of Everything (03:10)
8 - Tutti Alcirco! (02:11)

Valentina Magaletti

Valentina Magaletti is an Italian-born, UK-based drummer, percussionist and composer whose explorative blend of ritualistic and electronic motifs have earned her recognition in the contemporary musical landscape.

Gaining prominence as part of acclaimed avant-pop group Vanishing Twin and improvisational duo Tomaga in the 2010s, Magaletti’s collaborative instinct and multi-instrumental skill have seen her record and perform with Jandek, Helm, Raime, Nicolas Jaar, Malcom Catto, Charles Hayward, Graham Lewis, Thighpaulsandra, Thurston Moore, Bat for Lashes, Gruff Rhys and many more.

Her current projects include CZN, Moin and Holy Tongue, where free jazz, drone and percussive elements meet sound system frequencies to devastating effect.