Tea Rockers – Fictions

"Hailing from China, field recording/noise artist/poet Yan Jun, folk artist Xiao He, Guqin master Wu Na, multi-instrumentalist Li Daiguo and tea master Xijian are The Tea Rockers. The group was formed in October 2010 and released their debut album,Ceremony, in 2012 on the Israeli label EnT-T. Their second album 'Fictions' was an improvised performance recorded in Chongqing, June 2015. It was mixed and mastered by Lasse Marhaug, “the most serious tea drinkers in the entire European Noise scene”, and features calligraphy by Chinese artist Che Qianzi."

"The music veers from austere to downright pretty… a case of Chinese musicians confronting their own traditions head-on." (The Wire)


Li Daiguo / pipa, cello, vocals 

Wu Na / guqin

Xiao He / ruan, vocal, pedals and laptop

Xijian / tea

Yan Ju / electronics


Modern Sky World Music (MW-007) May 2018

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC  


1 Kebabs (烤串)
2 Madame Sheep is Madame Goat (绵羊太太就是山羊太太)
3 Natural Communism (自然公共主义)
4 China's National Dinosaur Park (中华恐龙园)
5 Fallen Asleep (睡着了)
6 Collided into a Piece of Tofu (撞上一块豆腐)
7 Transferred to another Post (调任)
8 A few foreigners in ancient China lived in Chang’an (古代的几个外国人住在长安)
9 Flowers by the River on a Moonlight Spring Night (夜月花江春)
10 The Great Compassion Mantra (大悲)