Stardust – Taku Unami

Taku Unami is a performer of multi-instrumental, improvised, and unclassifiable (non-)music. Influenced by cosmic-pessimism, science-fiction, supernatural-horror, and weird-fiction, his work involves the myriad playing of string instruments, piano, synthesizers, recording hardware and software, and “obfuscated everyday, non-musical objects.”
On this release Taku embraces 100% computer programmed music. Instead of sculpting everything himself, he allows his computer to generate its own sounds as much as possible. The result feels like a slow scan through the astral plane; a journey through deep textural fog and indeterminate sonic debris. Oscillated sounds flicker, ascend and descend, tipping the axis of the journey on and off its free-falling motion . Less focus is put on the progression of sounds or narrative scaffolding. Instead, each of the 5 pieces acts as a segment of parts of a journey: aural illuminations of parts of the deep unknown.
It has been far far too long since Taku played in Cafe OTO. Here's hoping he can make it back here soon, but in the meantime we hope you enjoy this new album by one of the most radical artists in Japan.
Taku Unami - computer

Mastered by Taku Unami
Cover design by Oliver Barrett

1 - 1 [8:58]
2 - 2 [6:54]
3 - 3 [7:04]
4 - 4 [9:06]
5 - 5 [5:23]