2527 – Takashi Masubuchi and Straytone

Takashi Masubuchi (acoustic guitar) and Staytone (modular synthesizer) are musicians based in Tokyo. Both of them are new generation involvers in post onkyo Japanese improvisation music scene, active in Ftarri, Otooto, Permian and other small, quiet, warm spaces. Takashi Masubuchi is also one of Permian’s runner, which is specially focus on free improvisation music. This duo has deep collaboration for many years. 2527 are some selections from their 2018 recordings in Permian.


Takashi Masubuchi - Acoustic Guitar

Staytone - Synthesiser


Recorded by Keita Asahi in May 2018 at Permian, Tokyo
Edit and mastered by Keita Asahi

Released: Zoomin' Night

Released: March 23, 2020