Takahiro Kawaguchi & Seymour Wright – 7.8.18

Subterranean saxophones and self made instruments from the first time collaboration between Takahiro Kawakuchi and Seymour Wright. Using everyday horns powered by homemade airpumps, Kawaguchi generates swelling peals and perforates them with pinches of his tabletop valve box. Having laid three saxophones on the floor, Wright live mixed their feedback from the back of the room, producing undulating gargles which bubble under Kawaguchi and surface in the gaps. Neither artist simply 'investigates the specifics of space' but instead fully regurgitages the innards of their dreamt up instrument with devilish humour. 


Takahiro Kawaguchi / self-made instruments, self-made objects

Seymour Wright / 3 alto saxophones and their feedback


Recorded live at Cafe OTO on Tuesday 7th August by Shaun Crook. Mixed and mastered by James Dunn. Photo by Seymour Wright. Artwork by Oli Barratt. 

Available as 320k MP3 or 24 bit FLAC.


1. 7.8.18 - 22:18

Takahiro Kawaguchi

The objects used in Kawaguchi’s performances and installations apparently seems strange, but most of them are the emsemble of phenomena which surface by liberating the daily goods from their uses or definition. Kawaguchi uses things anyone can get; converted everyday materials, and so on, but the effects are far more extended from their original potencial ones. Works made of them are shown with it’s most suitable formats; performances, installations, and CDs. All of them are site-specific, and makes the audience realize the time strongly. He focuses not only playing sound, but on composing the whole space by arranging sound and light.

Seymour Wright

Seymour Wright is a saxophonist. His work is about the creative, situated friction of learning, ideas, people and the saxophone – music, history and technique ­– actual and potential.

Seymour's solo music is documented on three widely-acclaimed collections - Seymour Wright of Derby (2008), Seymour Writes Back (2015) and Is This Right? (2017).

Current projects include: @xcrswx with Crystabel Riley; abaria with Ute Kanngiesser; [Ahmed] with Antonin Gerbal, Joel Grip and Pat Thomas; GUO with Daniel Blumberg; XT with Paul Abbott; The Creaking Breeze Ensemble; a trans-atlantic duet with Andy Guthrie, and, with Jean-luc Guionnet a project addressing an imaginary lacunae in Aby Warburg's Atlas Mnemosyne.