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Sun Araw & Orphy Robinson – 21.09.15

Strange storyteller and prop master Cameron Stallones meets chief London vibes player Orphy Robinson. Together they welcome you to ORPHEUM Theatre - a shimmering rhythmic underworld, where Miles Davis' 'Another Unity' is sat down sipping on a hot chocolate. If you enjoyed the far-out excursions of Stallones' Belomancie then this one is for you. Hella chill. 


Cameron Stallones / electronics, guitar

Orphy Robinson / electronics, vibes

Alex Gray / computer synthesis, bamboo saxophone

Jon Leland / congas, percussion 


Recorded by Tom Mudd on Monday 21st September 2015. Mixed by Cameron Stallones. Mastered by James Dunn. Photo by Andy Newcombe.


Available as a 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC download. 


1) OTO ORPHEUM (38.50)

Sun Araw

”In recent times Stallones has played the stereo field with the gleaming refracted glory of last year’s BELOMANCIE LP, which followed ICON GIVE THANK, an incredible collaborative album between Cameron, M. Geddes Gengras and roots reggae vocal legends The Congos via the RVNG label as part of their FRKWYS series. 2014 also saw a serendipitous glide round Europe in tandem with ambient pioneer Laraaji entitled The Play Zone.

Now, the latest configuration of Sun Araw Band (aka S. Araw “Trio” XI) brings us GAZEBO EFFECT, a double album set out in June that informs the game-changing A/V live show set to tour Europe in Autumn . Over the course of several studio dates in Hollywood, California, “Trio” players Cameron Stallones, Alex Gray, and Mitchell Brown (with no prior intentions of doing any such thing) successfully planted a garden of “non-dimensional” objects, not only spontaneously generating these objects but also mastering their nurture and cultivation. “And You Can Too!”

GAZEBO EFFECT is a 2xLP nocturnal stroll into the depths of the garden, its upper lawns and outbuildings. The listener is advised that as these objects have been “set growing,” their location at any given time is difficult to predict. The Garden cannot be exited by the path it is entered, the angles involved being extremely precise. These factors (and others) clearly illustrate the value for oneself (and others) in the building of an observational structure: The Gazebo. However, it must be understood that the presence of this structure has a transformative effect on The Garden Itself.

In other words, the “Gazebo Effect” is a music production system that allows a performance to be obstructed & (thus) interpreted while it is being played.”

Orphy Robinson

Orphy Robinson is one of the major figures of the jazz scene - he has released records on Blue Note and played with Don Cherry, David Murray, Henry Threadgill, Courtney Pine, Jazz Warriors and Andy Shepherd. 

He has composed for Film and TV- including “In answer to your question” for the Balanescu String Quartet and “ 42 Shades of Black” for Phoenix Dance Theatre,which was performed at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. 

Currently leads the groups CODEFIVE- NUBIAN VIBES - he also plays in the groups BRUISE and CLEAR FRAME

"As the saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter once famously remarked in a 1992 interview with Mel Martin, “The word ‘jazz’ means to me no category”. You would similarly search in vain for a pigeon hole in which to place Black Top #5. An evening of surpassing invention and ambition, there might be a more creative, more engaging and more inspiring gig at this year’s London Jazz Festival. But I somehow doubt it." - The Arts Desk