Stevie Jones – Static Cling

Having cut teeth in the Glasgow music scene as a prolific collaborator with the likes of Ela Orleans, Alasdair Roberts, Jer Reid, Ashley Paul, Sue Tompkins, Angharad Davies and Bill Wells, as well as in bands El Hombre Trajeado, Arab Strap and Sound of Yell, Stevie Jones finally steps forward to present first solo work embossed under his own name.

While working tirelessly over the terrain of deconstructed indie, avante-garde pop and folk music, Stevie has spent the last few years embracing experimental works, informed by his recent forays into theatre and film-based sound design, including pieces presented as part of Glasgow's Radiophrenia festival. 'Static Cling' is representative of this journey, providing a sonic bridge between his different approaches to sound.

Tracks 'Gleeking', 'Quiver', 'Rust Miasma' and 'Static Cling' find an affinity with the homespun wizardry of Bruce Haack and General Strike, seeing Stevie build bubbling, exploratory electronica from a limited set of means. Tracks 'Apricate', 'Switch Steal' and 'Cochlea' see his brittle double bass playing take the fore, staining the sound field with rattling slaps, thick cyclical swells and swamp-like dirges. Elsewhere he lets these approaches bend and find new shapes with textural work, letting delicate prepared guitar and tape playing lean against and provide jolts to his unfurling sound world.

Stevie recorded this new work in GTAC, a dance space in Govan that provided an escape and sanctuary during the pandemic. 'Static Cling' is a documentation of an artist giving himself the time and means to finally go inward, explore, and share with us the delectable results.
Stevie Jones - Make Noise O Coast, Moog Opus 3, Nord Micro Modular and Noise Orchestra synthesisers, tapes, double bass, prepared guitar and textural elements

Recorded at GTAC in Govan

Photography by Audrey Bizouerne

Mastering by Oliver Barrett

1 - Frontside [2:41]
2 - Gleeking [3:35]
3 - Sullen Kink [1:40]
4 - Quiver [2:26]
5 - Apricate [1:44]
6 - Rust Miasma [2:35]
7 - Cochlea [1:29]
8 - Backwards Carve [3:42]
9 - Static Cling [2:06]
10 - Switch Steal [1:57]
11 - Sublingual Sound [3:12]

Stevie Jones

Over the last 20 years Stevie has played as part of endless collaborative projects including; El Hombre Trajeado (with RM Hubbert among others) Rude Pravo (with artists Luke Fowler, Lucille Desamoury and Cara Tolmie), Sycamore with Friends (with Jer Reid and Shane Connoly) and Maxton Grainger (with Chris Mack of James Orr Complex). He’s also recorded and toured internationally as a guitarist, double bassist and pianist with groups including Arab Strap, Alasdair Roberts & Friends, Lord Cut-Glass, The Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan Band, Sophia and The Bill Wells Trio. He’s worked as a theatre sound engineer and designer with companies like NTS, Grid Iron, Corcadorca and EIF. He records and produces his own records as well as those by groups such as RM Hubbert, The One Ensemble, Trembling Bells and National Bedtime. Sound of Yell’s Brocken Spectre is the first project which Stevie has produced, written and arranged. The extended band is a collection of many of his favourite musicians .