Sophie Sleigh-Johnson – Nuncio Ref

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First-baked tape works of one Sophie Sleigh-Johnson.

A collection of tele-vision canticles and psychic reportage from the bleary shores of Southend, featuring hotly anticipated fragments from the unearthed transcript of Leonard Rossiter’s lost Mystery Play.

As Rogation Ceremonies became obligatory again, the main technical problem was Bishop Ooze tracing time on damp walls: so, might these same tracks yet index the whereabouts of Mr. Prance, DJ?

And lo, from the rumblings of this grim chorale, you’ll get your fair share of the Reel Artikel, as much an inflammatory Kelp Pit Synod as the apostate’s mandate to walk in Big News.


Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. Advantage, Chisnall - 01:04
2. R.I.P Gentlemen - 01:21
3. Channel 5 Canticles - 05:13
4. I Cairn Get Enough Of It - 02:13
5. In A Kelp Pit, Meat Physick - 03:31
6. Chaldean Acts - 02:24
7. Napoleon's Violet - 05:32
8. Peugeot - 00:41
9. Bishop Ooze - 01:35
10. The Shropshire Enlightenment - 01:29
11. TB Nexus - 00:46

Sophie Sleigh-Johnson

Sophie Sleigh-Johnson is a Southend-on-Sea based writer, artist and performer.

Her ongoing investigations concern the magico-materialist temporality of place and the esoteric ground rock of comedy, in work distributed across text, cassette, sonic environments, lino prints and local newspapers.

She is currently working on a book about landscape as the mythic substrate of the sitcom, read at the intersection of the arcane and the post-industrial.

Her latest release is the cassette album Nuncio Ref! released by Crow Versus Crow.