Untitled – Severin Black & Owen Pratt

Recorded and performed by Severin Black and Owen Pratt

Mastered by Owen Pratt

Artwork by Severin Black

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. Honne - 08:15
2. Tatemae - 08:57
3. Untitled - 05:47

Severin Black & Owen Pratt

one-over-f is a collaboration between Severin Black and Owen Pratt. Starting with rhythms taken from field recordings they had been making, they construct audio landscapes routed in the natural world. Bamboo creaking in the wind, bats communicating at dusk, the sound of electric pylons and magnetic fields are combined with snatches of Taiko drums culled from an old VHS. By combining sounds with specific connotations and textural properties, they aim to construct rich, hyperreal sonic environments.

Severin Black is a sound artist and plays under the solo moniker Nape.

Owen Pratt works as a sound artist. He plays in Uncanny Valley whose debut album ‘Ugashia’ was released in 2019 and runs NTS’s 'Flesh and Bone Sessions'.