Some Combinations Of Fingers And Passion – Sergey Kuryokhin

"Kuryokhin's reputation as the enfant terrible of the Russian avantgarde may have deterred some listeners from checking his work. This release should change that. Behind its ungainly title lurks his most accessible music to date, a frothy concoction of wit, whimsy and flashing virtuoso power delivered at time with madcap elan." Graham Lock.


Recorded 4 June, 1991 in London

Available as 320kbp MP3 or 16bit FLAC


1. A Combination Of Passion And Feelings - 29:52
2. A Combination Of Power And Passion (Blue Rondo A La Russ - A Tribute To Dave Brubeck) - 11:49
3. A Combination Of Hands And Feet - 15:15
4. A Combination Of Boogie And Woogie - 7:15