The Horns of Andromeda – Secluded Bronte

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Secluded Bronte are a multi-faceted experimental trio whose work has embraced scrapheap musique concrete, clattering post-punk, spoken word, poetry, improvisation and more. Collected from a mixture of studio and live recording, this suite of perfectly planned mischief slips and slides between the physical and metaphysical, pathos and alien-abstraction, wry humour and obscenity - relishing in awkward dualities and eccentric imbalances. Tuneful ditties emerge before switching frame to an aural car crash. Shared refrains and in-jokes from live shows are unveiled, then jump gear to a Morricone-soundtracked car-chase. Listen close, arrange the junk and unpack the mystery.


Secluded Bronte are:
Adam Bohman - voice, home made string instruments, objects.
Jonathan Bohman - voice, piano, electronics, objects, percussion.
Richard Thomas - voice, guitars, bass, piano, synthesizers, harmonica, computer, drum machine, percussion, telephone


Adrian Northover - soprano saxophone on Neighbourhood.
Daniella De Paulis - voice on Ramble North.

Recorded at Studio 35, South Wales; Harrison Sound Studios, London; All Round, Chertsey; Trade Gallery, Nottingham; Dartington Hall, Dartington; Rammel Club, Nottingham; SARC/Queen's University, Belfast; Cafe Oto, London; Westwerk, Hamburg.

Recording engineers: Shaun Crook, Craig Jackson, Ramon Flak, Kris Jakob, Helge Hasselberg, Felix Kubin, Bruce Asbestos, Hoover Nettlebeck, Richard Thomas.

Edited and Produced by Richard Thomas


1. The Burst [02:55]
2. Ramble North [02:19]
3. Lord, provide an assassin [00:38]
4. His Hobbies [03:18]
5. Purple Justice [00:29]
6. Unknown Information [01:53]
7. Library Music [00:38]
8. Pistacchi di Bronte [02:36]
9. Faster Cars [01:26]
10. Reißzähne [01:12]
11. Rendezvous [02:30]
12. Neighbourhood [01:32]
13. Responsibility Tandoori [02:50]
14. Water Colours [02:34]

Secluded Bronte

Secluded Bronte are Richard Thomas, Jonathan Bohman and Adam Bohman. Secluded Bronte formed in London and launched in New York City in 2002. Their music combines free improvisation, speech, musique concrète, pop, rock 'n' roll, music-theatre, expanded cinema... you name it. It's heterogenous stuff.

Secluded Bronte have toured in the United States and throughout Europe. They have recorded live sessions for BBC Radio 3, WFMU, Concertzender, Resonance FM. Secluded Bronte have released six albums and two singles: Secluded in Jersey City (Pogus), Dark August Variations (Worm Records/K7-3), Ten Point Plan To Destroy Astrology (Singing Knives), For Entertainment Everyone Dies (Apolkalypso), Daughter Tunnel Sunlight (Ffordd Allan). In 2020 the group released two albums on the Ffordd Allan label, Magnetic Crochet and the live album Queen's. In November a third album, The Horns of Andromeda, was released on Takuroku.

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