Reiko and Tori Kudo – 7.11.09

Reiko Kudo's solo work, with Tori on piano. Short songs capture vivid moments of detail in Reiko's life - her cats, her mother, the dying plant on the windowsill. Melodies so simple and unforced, it's as if they came gently floating through her window in the nightime. Peaceful and utterly gorgeous, like a child's book of psalms. 

"when I sing I’m a like a bug before the setting sun"  - Reiko Kudo

Reiko Kudo / vocals
Tori Kudo / piano
Recorded on 7th of November 2009 by John Chantler. Mixed and mastered by John Chantler. Photograph by Marie Roux.
Cover design by Oli Barrett

Available as a 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC download. 


1. Deep Sea Fish (4:05)
2. We Maybe (3:14)
3. Homeless (3:47)
4. Firefly (7:56)
5. Kanakana ( a kind of cicada which sings in the morning and in the evening ) (6:22)
6. The Deep Valley of Shadow (6:51)
7. From Now On (4:12)
8. Lily (2:38)
9. Cat (4:27)

Tori Kudo

Detailed and hilarious interiew with Tori availiable here on Questions by Shinji Shibayama and Ikuro Takahashi & G-Modern. Translated by Alan Cummings.  

Reiko Kudo

Reiko Kudo (工藤礼子) is the partner of Tori Kudo of the Japanese underground music group Maher Shalal Hash Baz. In the late seventies and early eighties, while still known under her maiden name of Reiko Omura, she led a unit called Noise. Noise played in Tokyo underground venues like Minor (alongside groups like Fushitsusha and Kousokuya), and released one album, Tenno. As well as often singing with and writing songs for Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Reiko is an accomplished musician in her own right, having created several albums of limpid, lucid observation and an exceedingly fragile sense of melody.