Rachel Musson / Pat Thomas / Mark Sanders – Shifa

Shifa, from the Arabic word for healing, is a new trio born out of old musical partnerships from the ever-shifting sands of the UK improvised music scene. Pat Thomas, pianist extraordinaire whose eclectic motherboard pushes the music in unexpected twists and turns, suggested the name. The healing, in this case, is a raw, unfettered musical space where he, saxophonist Rachel Musson and drummer Mark Sanders meet and make music in the moment, of the moment. Each player values the others’ ability to dive in deep, and demands that they each remain fully present to where the music needs to evolve next. The palette includes a mutual history in jazz, elements of classical, folk and pulling notes apart to allow sonic textures to come into focus. 

The trio has played together in previous collaborations and incarnations: Musson and Sanders have collaborated on various projects, and Thomas and Sanders have played together for decades, but this is the first time they have come together in this particular formation."


Pat Thomas / piano

Mark Sanders / drums

Rachel Musson / saxophone


Recorded at Live at Cafe OTO on June 3rd 2018 by James Dunn.