Elvis Died and Everyone Is... – Posset

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Crow Versus Crow is delighted to present for your aural-spiritual consumption ‘Elvis Died and Everyone Is…’, from high-priest of vox-mung dicta-jaxx, Posset.

Two threads of ‘vocals’ and ‘tape’ seem to run through much Posset’s work, each often abstracted to pure texture, to pure concrete, each overlapping and blurring the others’ boundaries. Elvis Died and Everyone Is… further pushes these threads, weaving absurdist skit, deep croak throat drone, sludged free verse, layers of clipped skittering utterances, and writhing whorls of golden dicta scree into a fevered patchwork of dreamy hiss and fluttering treble.

“For fans of losing your train of thought in an important conversation, de-tuned longwave radio stations, fake Electronic Voice Phenomena, half-formed words dissolving on the tongue, lethargy, being too hot and itchy in an unfamiliar building, the intimate electric breath of damaged heater, overheard conversations on the bus, that faint tinkle, a relaxed confusion, nostalgic plimsoll squeak, getting lost in Leicester town centre, the wet crinkle of someone else’s leather jacket, watching the shopping channel with the sound off, cumin scented smoke, letting the wind take your breath away, not realising how long you’ve been staring into space, finding an old letter from an old friend, shopping list poems, dreams of drowning, DJ Screw mixtapes left out in the sun.

Thanks for listening.”

All recorded in and around Newcastle-upon-Tyne 2021 using dictaphones, tape recorders and crappy phone apps.

Thanks to Fritz Welch for the vintage desk-top dictation machine you hear right at the start.

Thanks to Andy at Crow Versus Crow for his endless patience and support.

Sounds: Posset
Artwork and Design: Crow Versus Crow

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. Bad Decision Generator - 08:34
2. Long Arm Sour - 05:59
3. Elvis Died and Everyone Is... - 07:49
4. The Short Rest You Take Between Domestic Jobs - 05:46