Patty Waters – 6.12.17

Having been on our wish list for a long, long time we were delighted to have Patty Waters take up a two night residency at OTO last December. Accompanying her on double bass is Tjitze Vogel, and on piano is Burton Greene with whom she recorded 'Sings' for ESP Disk back in the 60s. Greene's scratching and tugging of the piano strings during their first ever rehearsal had encouraged Waters to turn ballads inside out, and the same is true today. Before 'Nature Boy' Waters asks Greene to play inside the piano once more; the song's refrain is shredded by Waters with total control. Her voice has shifted but her unique command remains. The trio hold the room on a breath as they deliver renditions of classics unheard anywhere else. Huge thanks to all three musicians. 


Patty Waters / vocals

Burton Greene / piano

Tjitze Vogel / bass


Recorded live at Cafe OTO on Thursday 6th December 2017 by Shaun Crook. Mixed and mastered by James Dunn. Photo by Maiken Kildegaard and artwork by Oli Barratt. 

Track 1 'Free Form Composition 1' written by Burton Greene and Tjitze Vogel / 20 September 2009 written by Tilo Baumheier and Burton Greene. Track 4  'Mirjam Revisited' written  by Herbert de Jonge and Burton Greene. Track 7  'Free Form Composition 2  by Burton Greene and Tjitze Vogel / Space Is Still the Place written by Burton Greene. Track 10  'Say Yes' by Silke Röllig and Burton Greene / Free Form Composition 3 written by Burton Greene and Tjitze Vogel.

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC

Patty Waters

Waters was heard in a nightclub in the mid-6O’s by Albert Ayler, who recommended her to the ESP label; the first side of her 1965 debut recording, (“Sings”) was given over entirely to self-composed solo piano miniatures, leaving listeners somewhat unprepared for the second side, which consisted solely of her 13-minute interpretation of “Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair.” Building into hair-raising screams and vocal improvisations, it remains the performance for which she is most noted. Sadly, she only recorded one more album, the live “College Tour,” just a few months later; a more determinedly avant-garde effort than her debut, it featured entirely different, mostly self-composed songs. Ms. Waters often eschewed words altogether for wordless moan-scats and wails, and opted for a fuller band backing, including appearances by pianists Ran Blake and Burton Greene.

Aside from a subsequent appearance with Marzette Watts’s ensemble on a 1968 LP, nothing further was heard from her on record until 1996, as she withdrew to California and Hawaii to raise her son (born in 1969) and sang in public sporadically for many years. She sang at the Monterey Jazz Festival of 1999 and in 2003 at New York City’s Vision Festival and the Le Weekend Tolbooth Festival in Scotland, and in 2006 she toured in Belgium and Paris with the great bassist Henry Grimes. Patty's mystique has been enhanced over the decades by the rarity of her two ESP discs, recently reissued on CD in Germany. Diamanda Galas names Patty Waters as her biggest influence, and she is also publicly revered by Christina Carter and Patti Smith. Patty Waters now lives in Santa Cruz, California.