Patrick Ward – Video Evidence

Patrick Ward’s performances are dynamic contractions of his gallery installations in which video sequences designed for multiple screens are 'stacked’ within a single frame. Following up his Retroversion/s performances at Cafe Oto Ward’s Video Evidence presents a collage of sounds sourced from old VHS tapes, incidental phone footage and barely viewed YouTubes.

Edited and mixed in Tottenham, September 2021


Mastered by Oliver Barrett



1. Paused Ident [2:14]

2. Temporary Facilities [1:37]

3. Seeing Proper Houses [2:48]

4. Dorsal [2:45]

5. Wrong Aspect Ratio [1:54]

6. Retroflexion [6:00]

Patrick Ward

Patrick Ward is an artist working with moving-image, sound and music in various modes of exhibition, performance and installation. Consisting of YouTube rips and iPhone recordings Ward’s audio works layer digital remnants of cinematic fragments into crumbling, concréte collages.