Patrick Ward – Video Evidence

Patrick Ward’s performances are dynamic contractions of his gallery installations in which video sequences designed for multiple screens are 'stacked’ within a single frame. Following up his Retroversion/s performances at Cafe Oto Ward’s Video Evidence presents a collage of sounds sourced from old VHS tapes, incidental phone footage and barely viewed YouTubes.

Edited and mixed in Tottenham, September 2021


Mastered by Oliver Barrett



1. Paused Ident [2:14]

2. Temporary Facilities [1:37]

3. Seeing Proper Houses [2:48]

4. Dorsal [2:45]

5. Wrong Aspect Ratio [1:54]

6. Retroflexion [6:00]

Patrick Ward

Patrick Ward is an artist working with moving-image, sound and music in various modes of exhibition, performance and installation. His audio works layer field recordings with sounds extracted from films and the other forms of moving-image, creating tense atmospheres in which narrative fragments fold into rhythmic structures.