Oliver Barrett – Aerial

"When we moved into our current flat, there was an old TV aerial wedged precariously between two sections of the roof. It had obviously been blown down years ago and it was now stuck there about 25 feet above the front door to the building. I'd see it every time I came home and worry about it falling off one day and coming down on somebody in the street below but we couldn't really do anything about it.

After we'd been in this place about three years we had to get a couple of roofing tiles replaced after they'd been damaged by a scaffolding company doing some work next door though, so we got the aerial taken down off the roof at the same time. Turns out it was pretty much entirely kept up there by this moss patch that had built up around it. This self-contained little ecosystem up on the roof.

For a week after it came down a bunch of seagulls divebombed the windows around our flat. I guess they'd been using the aerial as a perch or something. Seagulls hold a grudge. Anyhow, when life gives you weathered old tv aerials..."

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1. Aerial - 21:38

Oliver Barrett

Oliver Barrett is a musician and illustrator based in Somerset. Having played in various bands, Oliver has most recently put out several releases under his 'Petrels' moniker on various labels internationally including Denovali, Tartaruga, and Patient Sounds. As a composer he has had work commissioned by the BFI, London Word Festival and the Southbank Centre amongst others. A multi-instrumentalist, Oliver's musical practice ranges from solo electronics, acoustic improvisation, band work, and sound art, to orchestral arrangements and song, drawing influences from a broad spectrum.