Neil Charles – LOW and BEYOND

Neil Charles has long been one of the key figures in our local community, presenting group projects with the likes of Elaine Mitchener, Alexander Hawkins and more, not to mention an unforgettable 3 days residency in collaboration with Anthony Braxton.

Neil's own work on the double bass is rarely brought to the fore, so we're delighted that he's shared with us this new set of recordings made in his studio during lock-down. These 9 tracks are filled with searching passages, bowed refrains and rough and dexterous exploration, embracing the full physical possibilities of his instrument. Neil's style lands somewhere between Gary Peacock, William Parker and Fernando Grillo to our ears, but heralds its own unvarnished poeticism. 
Neil Charles - double bass

Recorded by Neil Charles
Photography by George Nelson
Mastering & artwork design by Oliver Barrett

1 [01:53]
2 [02:20]
3 [02:10]
4 [03:18]
5 [03:06]
6 [03:48]
7 [03:44]
8 [02:31]
9 [02:15]

Neil Charles

Neil Charles is a bassist, electronic producer and composer. He regularly performs, records and tours with numerous jazz, classical and contemporary music bands and ensembles like alex Hawkins, mingus big band, has played with Terence Blanchard, black top and is a member of the electro-acoustic jazz trio, Zed-U.