An intoxicating and incredibly immersive set from Tokyo-born, Dusseldorf-based artist, Miki Yui, who over the course of 35 minutes crafts a burbling, chirruping sonic petri dish where strange electronic-organic hybrid life is conjured into being.

Yui effortlessly blurs the boundaries between the electronic and the organic to a degree where it’s often hard to tell whether the result is real or only imagined. The sounds that Yui creates have such a tactile, physical quality that it almost makes you feel as if you could take schematic slices from the air in the room.

Nothing is careless here, everything is considered, yet the listener has the impression that this is a soundworld spontaneously emerging into being in realtime. There is a precision to the frequencies, but it is the precision of natural balance; everything having its place in relation to everything else, as part of an artfully created auditory ecosystem. There is space for you here too.


Recorded by Billy Steiger
Mixed and mastered by Oli Barrett
Cover photo by Foto Schiko

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. 3.4.23 -34.54

Miki Yui

Miki Yui is an artist and musician from Tokyo, based in Duesseldorf /Germany. Since 1999 she creates sonic landscapes emerging out of delicate noises, samples, electronic sounds, and field recordings. Her unique minimalist and organic approach towards sound balances between subtle nuances, industrial hums and turbulent hooks. In her live concerts she invites listeners to take part in mesmerinzing in the acoustic spaces, rich of abstract and narrative sound circulation.

She has released her solo albums from 12K /LINE(N.Y.) and Hören (Osaka). Her 5th solo album "Oscilla" is released in October 2015, on her own imprint MY.