two songs and one – Marianne Schuppe

Assembled & recorded in a small village in the Vosges hills in Frances, Marianne Schuppe treats us to 3 new tracks brought to life by her voice, a lute and uber bows. Shared with an eerie, spine-tingling intimacy, Marianne's ghost-like presence feels like she's sharing her own headspace with the aural world, conjuring songs stripped to their bare components. Each folk song, refrain and lament - presented in a mixture of English & German - carries with it a malleable weight that seems to suck the air around it into a vacuum, rupturing space and capturing a sepia-soaked moment in time. A tender, precious release by a singular artist. 


Written and recorded by Marianne Schuppe. Artwork design and mastering by Oliver Barrett


1 - Deux (9:08)

2 - Un (21:15)

3 - trois (the snow it melts the soonest) (2:35)

Marianne Schuppe

Marianne Schuppe is a singer, writer and composer working across music and language. She continually develops her work through improvisation, performance and writing. Her prime interest lies in the voice's ability to move between pure sound and words as well as in multilinguism. She studied visual arts and music in Hildesheim/Germany and extendeded her vocal studies in South India (Kalakshetra Academy), Switzerland (Jolanda Rodio) and Italy (Michiko Hirayama). She often works solo, but also collaborated with composers Caroline Wilkins, Roland Dahinden, Michael Maierhof, Hans-Jürg Meier, Antoine Beuger and with ensembles such as Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Phönix Basel and Basel Sinfonietta.