Slow Songs – Marianne Schuppe

Eleven songs for voice and lute by the Swiss singer and composer Marianne Schuppe. Schuppe is part of the Wandelweiser collective and is known for her interpretation of works by Morton Feldman. Using the voice and sustained e-bow, Schuppe presents her first Wandelweiser solo record - eleven ‘songs’ which deconstruct melody, diction, duration and timbre. Engaged in an element of drone, ‘slow songs’ is part folk, part chant, part landscape - a stand out record in the Wandelweiser catalogue. 

"The richness and detail that other artists appearing on Wandelweiser achieve with complex harmony is here achieved with a single note. This can clearly be heard by comparing the two versions of the songs ‘key’ and ‘pretty ride’: while the two versions are in different keys, the insides of the notes are also a whole different story." - Fluid Radio


I see a deer
I see a deer in a shield
behind the trees in my sight
he is simply
not to be here with my kind
wondering to be
just between
on his shoulder he carries some light
with an opening
I haven't seen
him for long on his chair
on his Hochsitz
even though it is
pouring away some rain to
wipe out the writings in time
cables go through
no rare earth to lure him
some batteries are with some risk
some gazellas are with shields
as one colour
is amended
he is standing kind of


Marianne Schuppe / voice, lute


Recorded: August 26-28th, 2015, Le Puid, France by Willy Daum. e-bows by Peter Vittali. Mixed and mastered by Willy Daum. Special thanks to Peter Vittali and Antoine Beuger

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC 

1. See A Deer - 4:06
2. Condensationdate - 3:07
3. Needles - 3:17
4. Fathers & Feathers - 2:59
5. Keys 1 - 4:08
6. Pretty Ride 1 - 1:24
7. Cores - 2:38
8. Pretty Ride 2 - 1:16
9. Keys 2 - 3:04
10. Pipes - 4:50
11. Split Away - 4:38


Marianne Schuppe

Marianne Schuppe is a singer, writer and composer working across music and language. She continually develops her work through improvisation, performance and writing. Her prime interest lies in the voice's ability to move between pure sound and words as well as in multilinguism. She studied visual arts and music in Hildesheim/Germany and extendeded her vocal studies in South India (Kalakshetra Academy), Switzerland (Jolanda Rodio) and Italy (Michiko Hirayama). She often works solo, but also collaborated with composers Caroline Wilkins, Roland Dahinden, Michael Maierhof, Hans-Jürg Meier, Antoine Beuger and with ensembles such as Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Phönix Basel and Basel Sinfonietta.