Mamer – Freeze Wizard

Pleased to reveal a new release from prolific experimentalist Mamer. "A natural born multi-instrumentalist blessed by a prodigious gift, an iconoclastic music author notorious for reticence and reclusiveness, and a profound contemplator about the contemporary conditions of Kazakh culture with an often dystopian vision." - Mabu Li, The Wire

The unbounded creativity and elasticity of Mamer's practice finds itself at home in this new release. Tying his fingers to the strings of his guitar, he engages with a wide array of acoustic and fx-driven approaches, exploding the melodic, rhythmic and textural possibilities of the instrument wide open. Winding pitch-shifted motifs unfurl themselves slowly before falling off-track and into unknown terrain. Elsewhere lightning fast runs and percussive attacks on the strings collide and soar towards maximalist flurries.

Mamer's approach to his instrument nestles itself closely to Kazuhisa Uchihashi's pliant guitar playing and Fred Frith's wiry explorations, but heralds its own incendiary potential. This is music that literally can and does go anywhere, gleefully subverting any improvised tropes and delving itself deep into a world of sonic oddness.


Mamer - guitar & fx

Cover design by Oliver Barrett

Recorded & Mastered by Fan Junzhe
Recorded in December 2017


Improv 1 [2:45]
Improv 2 [2:17]
Improv 3 [2:30]
Improv 4 [2:28]
Improv 5 [2:45]
Improv 6 [2:48]
Improv 7 [2:35]
Improv 8 [3:04]
Improv 9 [3:27]
Improv 10 [3:50]
Improv 11 [4:00]
Improv 12 [2:01]
Improv 13 [2:36]
Improv 14 [1:39]
Improv 15 [2:26]