Worker – Left Hand Cuts off the Right

All new work by London-based artist Robbie Judkins (Left Hand Cuts off the Right), created on keyboard, zither, field recordings, synthesizer, khene, electric guitar and effects. 

"Being classed as a key worker yet not feeling like one is a strange position to be in. Neither working for the NHS, caring for others, being a shop worker, ensuring safe transport nor providing an essential public service; yet remaining at work during this pandemic has filled me with worry, guilt, anxiety and some stability. These compositions and sketches bring together audio documents created during this time with a yearning for quiet despite a fascination with unavoidable noise." - Robbie Judkins


Left Hand Cuts off the Right - All music & recording


Robbie has very kindly offered for all money from this release to go to Cafe Oto.


1 - Worker (4:58)
2- Content With Your Lot (4:10)
3 - Awareness of Failure (5:45)
4 - Blossoming Beyond all Measure (12:54)
5 - Finally Cracking Apart (3:59)