Parallels – Kirk Barley / Church Andrews

Experimental electronic artist Kirk Barley unveils a split release between his two different monikers. Utilising a similar set of tools and reduced sound palette for each, he bridges the gap between the two approaches, while also allowing room for each to flourish in their own distinct forms.

Under his own name, Kirk embraces floating four world motifs. Juiced-up keys spurt and twinkle in an algorithmic maze, sprouting swirling motifs and melodies before dissolving in a synthetic water bath. On the 'Church Andrews' flip he lets these tools slip out of free motion and lock themselves into distinct percussive patterns. Similar to the approach of the likes of SND, Kirk teases the temporality in house and footwork styles to scribe his own skittering dancefloor style.

Over both sides Kirk's improvised approach to sound energises each note, bass and snare clap and wandering phrase. Listening to his music is like watching plant life blossom, winding itself in and around towering city concrete in real time.


Written & recorded by Kirk Barley / Church Andrews


Cover by Oli Barrett


Kirk Barley - A1

Kirk Barley - A2

Kirk Barley - A3

Kirk Barley - A4

Kirk Barley - A5

Church Andrews - B1

Church Andrews - B2

Church Andrews - B3

Church Andrews - B4

Church Andrews - B5