King Ayisoba – Live at Cafe OTO DL

Nearly two hours of kolongo grooves from Ghanian superstar King Ayisoba recorded in September 2014 at Cafe OTO on Ayisoba's second visit here - this time joined by Zea (Arnold De Boer of The Ex) on the song Akolbire, Lion on percussion and Wanlov the Kubolor who adds vocals and percussion to a couple of the songs. 

Recorded Friday 26 September 2014 at Cafe OTO by Shaun Crook. Mixed by James Dunn. Mastered by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at Calyx. Photo by Dawid Laskowski.

Available as 320k MP3 or 24 bit FLAC

Total Time: 1 hr 38 minutes


Traditional Drum Intro
Grandfather Song
I Want To See You My Father
Poka N'de Bum Seela / Mbhee 
My Friend, My Friend / Look My Shoe
Wicked Leaders / Baba We Coole / Yalma Talma 
The Whole World
Abeleywine / Don't Do The Bad Thing / Baaba Poore / Don't Joke To Your Father / Meka

King Ayisoba

Born in 1974, near Bolgatanga northeast Ghana, King Ayisoba plays Kologo (small guitar with two strings attached to a calabash) from a young age. He took care of livestock and carries his instrument in the bush and villages where he discovered traditional harmonic , ceremonies and ancestral rites !

He joined the capital and plunged into the Accra cosmopolitan urban jungle, and a draft style between tradition and modernity. He met Terry Bonchaka whom he worked with for several years and Panji Anoff the music producer . His first album « Modern Ghanians « was recorded in 2006 The album was immediately welcomed by the Ghanaian public. The single « I want to see you my father» won the Ghana Music Awards in 2007, King was invited to participate in numerous collaborations. He continues in the same aesthetic , fusing electronic beats with his gravelly voice, with traditional instruments. He became one of Ghana’s artists who exports himself the most out of the African continent. In 2008, King released his second album, «Africa « and he played in Europe (Sweden , Norway, Denmark , Holland, Germany , Russia , UK , Belgium, France , Switzerland... ) alongside Arnold de Boer aka Zea , lead singer of the Ex group and producer of the label Makkum Records. They set out a compilation LP from the last two albums in 2012. The band performed at numerous festivals , and was noticed at Roskilde Festival (Denmark ) and Fusion Festival (Germany) ...!

The world of King Ayisoba is unique and complex. The rhythms and frenzied dancing mingle with its distinctive voice , alternately smooth and suave turn, then rocky and tribal . Their concerts are unique experiences where musical codes are shattered in a raw energy delivered bluntly . King Ayisoba offers a world where the spirit world merges with the painful origins of Kologo music, concrete and urban Hip Life , and the cries of a rebellious youth who is still seeking his identity. Trance between the mystical forest and concrete cracked Accra.

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