Wild Flower – Kim Doo Soo

When Kim Doo Soo played at Cafe OTO as part of the first Counterflows festival in 2012 it was the first time he’d performed in Europe. This recording is from his second visit to OTO in June 2015 and includes both recent material and earlier songs - such as Butterfly which was first included on his second LP ‘약속의 땅/The Promised Land’ (1988).


1. Wild Flower (5:20)
2. Deja-entendu (7:52)
3. Bohemian (6:42)
4. The Way Of The White Cloud (5:24)
5. Butterfly (4:34)
6. Wanderer (4:26)
7. C'est la vie (4:42)


Kim Doo Soo / voice, guitar, harmonica


Recorded by Jonathan McHugh at Cafe OTO on Sunday 15 June 2014. Mixed by James Dunn. Mastered by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at Calyx, Berlin. Photograph by Andrej Chudy.

Digital Download - 320k MP3 / 24bit FLAC

Kim Doo Soo

Kim Doo Soo is the deepest and most introspective of Korea's acid folk singers with songs telling tales of political oppression, alcoholism, suicide, and a ten-year period of mountain seclusion. Kim Doo Soo has been active since the 80s and his first record ‘시오리길/A Long Way‘ was released in 1986 on the Korean label Seorabul Record. He first came to the attention of the west via Damon & Naomi's International Sad Hits compilation in 2006. He has also released records via Japanese label PSF and the UK’s Blackest Rainbow.