Kazuki Tomokawa 10.04.12

Legendary soul-folk musician Tomokawa Kazuki's first ever show in the UK. With his wild lashing on an acoustic guitar and devastating vocals, Tomokawa is a troubadour from hell. Beginning his career as poet and peddling on the streets of Kawasaki in the early 70's, his personal universe is detailed, dark and vicious. Whether you speak Japanese or not, his bugged-out and torn-up delivery will both comfort you and keep you awake at night. 


Kazuki Tomokawa / vocals, acoustic guitar


Recorded on Wednesday 10th April 2012 by John Chantler. Mixed by John Chantler. Mastered by James Dunn. With thanks to Naohito and Naoki. 



1. Runaway Lad (5:23)

2. My Big Brother’s Record (5:20)

3. Look at the Sky, it's like the Ocean (3:50)

4. Pistol (3:29)

5. Sonny Boy (5:58)

6. Flower Trumps (5:18)

7. A Lonely Man Becomes a Painter (4:36)

8. Ask For Jean Genet (4:36)

9. Can’t Comprehend the Meaning Behind these Emotions (3:41)

10. Senko issha (4:17)

11. Good Fellows (3:52) 

12. The God is Crying in The Well (3:40)

13. Fat in the Morning Light (3:49)

14. A Don-Pan Bushi Carousa (2:51)

15. Waltz (3:40)

16. Kara Bran (3:27)

17. A Classroom at Night (2:27)

18. Say that You Are Alive (4:50)

Available as a 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC download.