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Julia Reidy – How to spot a rip

One way to spot a rip current in the ocean is to search for a rippled surface surrounded by still water. When many different currents are pulling in different directions, a rippling effect is created on the water's surface.

This piece is for 4 unamplified electric guitars. It’s in a 13-limit tuning that I've been exploring in various contexts recently. 

Over the the piece's duration, the guitars are tuned up or down at specific points, so that they cross each other, moving from a close cluster to a spread voicing over three octaves.

As the frequencies push away or pull towards each other, the stillness is disrupted, sometimes only subtly, other times quite chaotically. At times many shifts happen at once, at other times the movement is against a backdrop of static pitches.


Julia Reidy - 4 unamplified guitars


Recorded in 2021

Mastered by Oliver Barrett


1 - How to spot a rip [16:00]

Julia Reidy

Julia Reidy writes and performs original music using guitars, synthesised and recorded sound. She plays as a soloist and in projects such as SPOILER, Tennis of All Kinds and the Splitter Orchestra. She's also appeared in various 'improvised music' contexts and performed extensively throughout Europe, Australasia and North America.

Succeeding recent issues of her work by Feeding Tube and Room 40’s A Guide To Saints, 'brace, brace' is Julia’s soaring return to for Slip: a dread-tinged incantation unfurling from breath-down-the-neck field recordings, auto-murmured voice, synthetic hum, and irrepressible guitar kinetics.