Less Effective Rhetoric – Johnny R. Spykes

Spewing forth from the gutter into our comfortable abodes, Wolf Eyes' own Johnny R. Spykes (aka Inzane Johnny) treats us to five mind-melting tracks, melding electronic and saxophone elements together in snapshots of disarray. Like Wolf Eyes' own work, Johnny captures the dust bowl industrial milieu of Michigan; holding dense clouds of static noise, the buzz of telephone wires and electricity pylons in a tactile compositional grip. On tracks 2 and 5 he hits out with some muffled alto sax lyricism, occasionally meeting concurrent lines of other saxophones as if lost together in a maze. Now in their 4th decade, the Wolf gang never fail at confusion, disorientation and entracing aural inzanity.

John Olson - saxophone, electronics & recording
Cover artwork by John Olson
Artwork design by Oliver Barrett

1 - One [04:17]
2 - Two [03:42]
3 - Three [12:42]
4 - Four [04:41]
5 - Five [03:22]