Jockel Liess, Ain Bailey – Call and Response

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Jockel Liess’ ‘Irregular Atmospheric Motion’ is a meditative acoustic environment featuring shifting drones, resonant tones and frequencies. Liess’ abstract audio-visual compositions derive from artistic traditions of visual and musical minimalism and examine microtonality, structural composition and synaesthesia. Each of his pieces exists as an autonomous generative computer system with the ability to perform and improvise the progression of the work. Once set in motion, Liess’ audiovisual compositions have no clear beginning or end, rather, they exist in a state of infinite renewal.

Ain Bailey’s piece 'Five Car Train To Fremont' is a live compositional response to Liess’ ‘Irregular Atmospheric Motion’, incorporating samples from Liess’ work as well as field recordings from San Francisco and Oakland. Bailey’s electroacoustic compositions are inspired by ideas and reflections on silence and absence, architectural urban spaces, and feminist activism.


Artwork by Clara Kelly
Mastered by Adam Matschulat at The Listening Tower


Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC   


1. Jockel Liess - Irregular Atmospheric Motion - 19:50
2. Ain Bailey - Five Car Train to Fremont - 30:00