The Search For Intelligent Life On Earth – Joachim Nordwall

Joachim Nordwall is a kingpin of the European experimental music scene. The co-founder of Börft Records, the founder of iDEAL Recordings, member of the likes of Skull Defekts & The Gagmen, a prolific collaborator and solo musician, his creative fervour has lead to him to embrace noise, drone, dub, rock, improvisation, minimal synthesis and so much more.

Pleased to share this intimate new recording by him, cooked up alone in Gothenburg earlier this year.

"When I came across ”The Elephant Table Album” double LP compilation from some Swedish mail order in 1990 I immediately loved the whole thing, from artwork with small images to go with all participants, contact addresses and the of course the music itself. Killer submissions from Chris & Cosey, Lustmord, David Jackman, Coil Bourbonese Qualk to name a few. Stuff I already deeply worshipped as a fifteen year old. But what popped out was a track by one Paul Kelday. I listened to it over and over and his depressive analog synth music was sounding like coming from another planet. That planet seemed to be called Brighton according to the address on the cover. I wrote him a letter and a few weeks later I got a kind reply with a cassette from the 1976 inside too. ”The Search for Intelligent Life on Earth” is still one of my fav releases of Paul Kelday, and for a few years we exchanged cassettes and corresponded about nature, music and life. Being in contact with him and having him guiding me through his rather massive catalogue of recordings, it did change my life and still resonates in how I make music. Paul passed away a few years ago and this is some kind of tribute to him and his work."

Joachim Nordwall


Recorded at the Gothenburg Sound Experimental

Feb-April 2021

2. RIOT [4:30]
5. MIND CONTROL [3:30]
6. BIOTOPE [5:18]

Joachim Nordwall

Joachim Nordwall (b. 1975) is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has a long background in the Swedish experimental music scene, starting out with recordings with the psych-drone duo Alvars Orkester as a teenager in 1988. His early interest in psychic tension created by sound is now as ever present in his music. His ”Soul Music” albums for Entr’acte shows his deep interest in circular rhythms, analogue synth loops and mind expanding experiments. Nordwall has also released his music on labels like Ash International and Hospital Productions. From 1999-2005 he was sweating with the avant punk rock trio Kid Commando and when that stopped he created the ritual drone rock group The Skull Defekts. Nordwall also runs iDEAL Recordings since 1998 and has been collaborating with artists like Aaron Dilloway, Mika Vainio, Mats Gustafsson, Leif Elggren, Gabi Losoncy, Mark Wastell and Christine Abdelour, and he is a busy organizer of festivals and concert nights in Sweden and abroad.