Jeanne Lee – Conspiracy

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First Official Reissue of Conspiracy. NOT TO BE MISSED!! (due to a slight delay at the pressing plant, this release has been put back to the end of July)

Jeanne Lee (1939-2000) was an African-American vocalist, poet, composer, improvisor, activist and educator. In her 40 year career she performed with Archie Shep, Marion Brown, Gunter Hampel, Frank Lowe, William Parker, Andrew Cyrille, Anthony Braxton, Ran Blake, Billy Bang, Cecil Taylor, John Cage, Rashsaan Roland Kirk, Pauline Oliveros, Reggie Workman, and many others.

"jazz is a music that combines so many have to fined that balance, then you have a guideline between freedom and discipline, between rhythm and melody, between body and spirit, between mind and instinct" (Jeanne Lee)

This is the first official reissue of "Conspiracy" since its limited release in 1975, it was her first record under her own name as a solo artist. It is a true lost gem, with a unique and beautiful sound.

Musician Elaine Mitchener describes "Conspiracy" as "one of greatest free-form albums of the1970s".

"i feel the music like a dance, I think it's an important part of the music, it has to be felt like a dance"
(Jeanne Lee)


Jeanne Lee - vocal
Gunter Hampel - flute, piano, vibraphone, alto clarinet, bass clarinet
Sam Rivers - soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute
Steve McCall - drums
Alan Praskin - clarinet
Perry Robinson - clarinet
Jack Gregg - Bass
Mark Whitecage - alto clarinet
Marty Cook -trombone

Recorded in New York, 1974
Originally released in 1975 on "Seeds records" and Jeanne Lee's own "Earth-forms records"