Nos cadavres – Jean-Philippe Gross & Jérôme Noetinger

The 2nd in a series of two new releases by French tape-based experimental artist Jérôme Noetinger, who has treated us to countless unforgettable live sets at OTO. For this he presents two pieces in collaboration with Jean-Philippe Gross based on the idea of the exquisite corpse.

"There is a great tradition of exchange and correspondence work in experimental music. In the 80's, there were a lot of cassettes with musicians who had never met each other but were exchanging sounds by mail. Nowadays it's even simpler and more obvious.

The imposed period of confinement - in France between March 17 and May 11 - was ideal for restarting such projects.
With Jean-Philippe Gross, our collaboration is older and we have had the opportunity to play several times as a duo. I have always been impressed by his dexterity, rigour and discipline in the electronic field.

For the first track, a musician created a first sequence lasting between 10 seconds and seven minutes, and sent only the last 10 seconds to the next one who then mixed or pasted his sequence into it, and so on for a total of 16 exchanges.

For the second, the number of exchanges has been limited to 14, with a duration of between 10 seconds and three minutes, but each having a maximum reserve of 10 minutes.

The final result was only filtered and slightly equalized in terms of volume." - Jérôme Noetinger


1 - "Cadavre 1" (31'40") 

2 - "Cadavre 2" (16'54") 

Jérôme Noetinger

Jérôme Noetinger (1966) is a composer, improviser and sound artist who works with electroacoustic devices such as the Revox B77 reel-to-reel tape recorder and magnetic tape, analogue synthesisers, mixing desks, speakers, microphones, various electronic household/everyday objects and home-made electronica.

He performs both solo and in ensembles (Cellule d'Intervention Metamkine, Le Un, Hrundi Bakshi, Les Sirènes, Proton…), and collaborates often (Sophie Agnel, Lionel Marchetti, Aude Romary, Angelica Castello, Antoine Chessex, Anthony Pateras, Anne-Laure Pigache…).

From 1987 to 2018, he was the director of Metamkine, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the distribution of improvised and electroacoustic music.

Between 1987 and 2014 Jérôme was a member of the editorial committee of the quarterly journal of contemporary sound, poetry and performance, Revue & Corrigée.

For ten years from 1989, he was a member and programming co-ordinator of exhibitions, gigs, and experimental cinema at le 102 rue d'Alembert, Grenoble.

Jean-Philippe Gross

At the crossroads of electronic and instrumental music, Jean-Philippe Gross develops a physical relationship with sound, playing with ruptures and acoustic phenomena.

In concert, he collaborates with Stéphane Garin (Dénombrement & Plan affine), eRikm, Clare Cooper (Nevers), Camille Mutel (dance), Jean-Luc Guionnet, Marc Baron …

Never locked into any systematism, Jean-Philippe Gross allows himself the extremes to take advantage of a wide field of possibilities and pays particular attention to the timbre, the grain and the quality of the sound, even rough. He works for dance, has composed for small ensembles (Dedalus ensemble, Phonoscopie).

From October 2001 to June 2009 he was engaged as a music program curator for Fragment (Metz, France). In 2019, he started the record label Eich.