Inclusive music ensemble JAMAICA! send a sonic missive from London's underbelly. Swelling drones, ghostly mutterings and crumbling electronics fade in and out of one another in a cauldron of organic and synthetic sound, made from a mixture of traditional and home-made instruments. Fans of early AMM and Wolf Eyes' more stripped back work will relish here in this extended zoned jam, where no intensity is lost while each aural gesture is given space to breath, explode, implode and fade into silence. 

The piece is bookended by a sudden dub soundsystem workout, seeing the group emerge out of their insular domesticity and party on the streets. 
The music presented here heavily features and is dedicated to Leon, one of the mainstays of JAMAICA! who passed away earlier this year.

All music by JAMAICA!
Artwork design by Oliver Barrett

The artwork features Leon's bass. RIP.

1 - Leon [1:00:00]


Jamaica! is a free music ensemble comprised of attendees at The Gate, an arts centre for adults with learning disabilities in Shepherds Bush and grew out of efforts to make the music sessions held there as inclusive as possible. 
The musicians of Jamaica use conventional instrumentation as well as homemade instruments and everyday objects such as the homemade single stringed instruments and bowed metal tins.