Lost and Found – J. Pavone String Ensemble

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Pavone’s interest in the effects of sonic vibration is integrated into this new collection of pieces for the J. Pavone String Ensemble. By emphasizing the use of sustained sounds, notes, or tone clusters, the compositions are intended to impact the audience physically and mentally, beyond the aesthetic experience of just listening to the music, existing both within and beyond music’s canonical role.

Pavone both borrows from and elaborates upon traditional notation and improvisatory techniques. She experiments with ways of alternating between metered and clock-time approaches, as well as improvised and notated instructions. Pavone relies on a digital clock as a conductor to mark sections, duration, and cues. Indicated time frames on the score direct musicians to move freely between sections creating an overlap of sonic textures. These textures and improvisations can sometimes land in an entirely different notated section of music within a given composition.

The ensemble approach is focused on a vision of collective improvisation that prioritizes a collaboratively-sewn musical fabric, in contrast to the traditional improvisatory approach that prizes the individuality and uniqueness of the soloist. The ensemble’s rehearsal method is influenced by Pavone’s solo work which includes concentrated long tone practice, an interest in repetition, exploring sympathetic vibrations, and attending to the way the body plays a role in sound and intention.

Available as a 320kps MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. Rise and Fall - 09:29
2. Nice and Easy - 09:28
3. Pros and Cons - 08:34
4. Lost and Found - 09:29