Ignatz and De Stervende Honden – Dork Star

Whipped up live and onto tape in Brussell's experimental music mecca Les Atelier Claus last summer, 'Dork Star' is a gloriously breezy suite of weightless psychedelia and blues. Guitar, bass and drums weave in and out of one another seemlessly, drifting across an open plain and reaching towards ecstatic heights. If you love those early Träd Gräs Och Stenar records, you're in for a real treat here.

"In the past 15 or so years Ignatz has explored all visible cracks and overlapping layers between (or underneath) folk music, blues, singer- songwriter and psychedelia. De Stervende Honden (Dying Dogs in Dutch) know their place more than well, sending the anxious listener with endless psych bass and primitive percussion into a kennel where after a few bites dream state replaces sense of direction." - Dennis Tyfus


Bram Devens - Vocals, Guitars
Tommy De Nys - Bass
Erik Heestermans - Drums


All tracks recorded at Les Ateliers Claus, summer 2020
mixed by Erik Heestermans, mastered by Tommy De Nys

1 - Japan is Democratic [10:39]
2 - Saturday's Den [7:08]
3 - Monday in D [11:05]


You probably know that Ignatz is the moniker of Bram Devens. He stole it from the mouse in the legendary Krazy Kat comics by George Herriman. After several releases on Fonal Records, Ultra Eczema and Goaty Tapes, he releases his 4th album on KRAAK, co-joined by the great Feeding Tube records.

Ignatz’ new album consists of a hypnotic and mystical song cycle that centre around leitmotifs as despair, sobriety and the drain on his backyard. The Drain is a master piece, on which the Landen based troubadour weaves echos of South American folk music into a complex of harsh folk, shallow blues and loner psych. He flushed the crappy electronics from his early records through the drain and created room for sparse fingerpicking and mumbled singing. In the 11 songs Devens finally reveals himself as the master guitar player and songwriter that he always has been.

The Drain dissects in grandeur the human void, for which only codeine is the appropriate remedy. We are lucky that Ignatz’ version of The Great Void is soothingly synonymous with The Essence. 

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