Grimm Grimm – Recalling

Koichi Yamanoha (Grimm Grimm) strips back his wide-screen psychedelic pop and gifts us 6 instrumental ditties on new mini album 'Recalling'. A delectable selection of exotica, swamp-like dirges, oneiric keyboard refrains, uneasy easy listening and foggy melancholia.

Collected from a mixture of solo bedroom recordings and playful vignettes made with friends, 'Recalling' takes snapshots of memories and brings them into the present. 'Crack', a whimsical improvisation on drum machine and synth, recalls the usually bustling tennis court beside his house during the first lockdown in April. 'Near the dam' swims through a memory of the Takizawa Dam in West Tokyo, rendering a sense of cinematic wonder in a set floating keyboard motifs. 'Behold a Pale Horse', the only track made before lockdown, documents a session with Victor Herrero in his house, with Koichi's theremin painting brushstrokes of electronic melancholia over Victor's wistful acoustic guitar.

'Recalling' sees Koichi plant new seeds in his practice and watch them grow, both coming to terms with the past and creating memories of the future. A treat for fans of his technicolor pop and new fans alike.


Performed, recorded and mixed by Koichi Yamanoha (Grimm Grimm) at home in London 2020 
Guest musicians:
Victor Herrero - guitar on track 5
Paz Maddio - synth on track 3 


1 - Recalling [05:00]

2 - Make My Eyes Bleed [02:04]

3 - Cracks [02:11]

4 - Near The Dam [03:01]

5 - Behold A Pale Horse [03:01]

6 - Endless Cyprus [03:59]

Grimm Grimm

London-based singer-songwriter experimentalist Koichi Yamanoha has been operating under the alias of Grimm Grimm since 2013. The project is an outlet for his fragile, emotional, haunted, otherworldly forays into baroque folk, futurist lyricism and electroacoustic oddities.

Born in Tokyo, Yamanoha's first solo record, “Kazega Fuitara Sayonara” (Good Bye When The Wind Blows), was released in late 2014 via Kevin Shield and Charlotte Marionneau’s Pickpocket Records in collaboration with Honest Jon's. His debut album, “Hazy Eyes Maybe”, was released by ATP Recordings in 2015 and tracks from the album were used as soundtrack for the Aaron Brookner / Jim Jarmusch directed documentary film “Uncle Howard”. Yamanoha released his third studio album, Ginormous, on 28 February 2020 on Tip Top Recordings. The album was mixed and co-produced by Marta Salogni and featured Paz Maddio and Lætitia Sadier.