Gibraltar – Jejunum

Gibraltar is a collaborative project between Joe McKay and Matthias Urban. Jejunum was produced by collecting sound samples from the two artists’ archives. It includes, among other things, a series of recordings from McKay’s body (stomach, intestines) and WebSDR samples collected over time. These samples were then sent to the other half of the duo to be integrated into the production of the final pieces.

Known for his exploratory approach to sound, Urban remains true to himself by using various techniques in the production of Jejunum. Some of these techniques are recurrent in his work: chemically treated tape, PD and MaxMSP programming, contact microphones and ASC reel-to-reel machines. The artist also explores new techniques that feature prominently in Jejunum: feedback & standing wave recordings and acoustic instruments using saxophone mouthpieces and found objects built specifically for this project.

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. Jejunum One - 14:40
2. Jejunum Two - 13:18