We Have Dozens of Titles – Gastr del Sol

Nearly twenty-five years after disbanding, Gastr del Sol have unpacked their archive, stringing together an alternative view to their genre-melting 1993-1998 run. This assembly of previously uncollected studio recordings and beautifully captured unreleased live performances forms a spacious ode to the flux that was their métier; a further set of reinventions that continue to alter the manner in which we hear music, and literally everything else!

Mastered by Jim O'Rourke

All instruments by David Grubbs and Jim O'Rourke with:

Jeb Bishop (trombone, 11)
Bundy K. Brown (bass, 4; guitar, 9)
Steve Butters (percussion, 11)
Gene Coleman (bass clarinet, 11)
Thymme Jones (trumpet, 11)
Terri Kapsalis (violin, 11)
John McEntire (drums, 4, 9; synth, 11)
Günter Müller (percussion, 5)
Bob Weston (trumpet, 11)
Sue Wolf (violin, 11)